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   Welcome! Here you will find the latest news from Ishfold for people and cats to enjoy. No dogs, please, unless they are calm and polite around felines.



 Ishfold would like to remind his human readers that it would be nice if they were to read titbits from his pages to their feline companions for their pleasure.


Hot Off the News Griddle!

Fantastic news! Ishfold has written his first novel, & we couldn't be more excited!

Squirrel In The Wind

  Read an excerpt from Ishfold's first novel,'Squirrel In The Wind', soon to be published by Sodder & Haughty.

  Be sure to check back, because it will be available for sale very soon on! Click the Squirrel button to read the excerpt now!

  Excerpt From Ishfold's Novel




Brand New Service Coming Soon - Hexting!

 What exactly is hexting? It's a new service created & soon-to-be made avaiable by Ishfold. Wicked feline curses designed to have real impact can be texted or e-mailed

to your frenemies.





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Time For That Thought!

Tick Tock!


  Take a moment to think about certain issues that matter to Ishfold & all cats and connect with them briefly in spirit:




Catnip - always a hot issue for cats! Always have a good stock in.

Moon - watch it very closely!

Naming - don't call your cat Travis or Audrey. Be sensitive.

Food - lean meat, not corn & grain!

Treats - every day, please!

Mice, voles and small birds - why not whole, perhaps even barbecue flavoured, in attractive, be-ribboned glass jars? Felines appreciate presentation, too.

Taps - leave the cold one on at a trickle - it's exhilarating!

Ice - It gets compacted in little running paws. Get it out from between your cat's toes in the winter, or after she accidently gets stuck in the freezer. 


 Chase Me!


Visit 'Out in the Open' by Ishfold



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