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The Game of Love - It's All About You! 


What are the major issues facing most couples today? Life is not the same as it was even 100 years ago. Everything has changed, and the game of love has changed as well.



This game has been altered by many things over the centuries and has always varied widely within different cultures and countries around the world.



Such things as going to war, developing harmful and dangerous technologies and then using them, being killed by pharmaceutical companies, struggling to survive like rats in mazes, filling in forms and getting injured and killed quite a lot has altered things a bit in modern times.



Things have got worse, not better, and that is to be expected, as things rarely truly improve on planet Earth.



Congratulations if you're still here to read this! You're probably young.



No wonder it's difficult to manage even the basics. A lot of people barely have time for sex, let alone relationships, and that's only if they have any drive or energy left at the end of the harsh and hectic day.



Despite all of this the game goes on, adapting to social changes and continuing almost unimpeded through engineered wars and unnatural disasters.



The game is taken seriously even by those who laugh at it all. And that is because despite all these differences and changes, the experience of love itself remains pretty much the same for everybody.



But even though people are being constantly encouraged to disrespect and treat each other with selfish disregard, they still continually fall in love, live together or marry and produce even more people.



And that despite the fact that everybody has at some level been made to understand that they are all, each and every last one, in some way sub-standard.



The television, and all other media categories, have told you all so, over and over again, from the very beginning.



As for the face and body you show the world in photographs of yourself, in order to be socially acceptable in any degree, you simply must be digitally altered, glamorized and finally airbrushed or you know you are just not up to snuff.




But it is a fact that most of the billions of people in this entire world are folk who have never been either surgically or digitally altered and to whom airbrushing is a foreign country.




Sadly, all these people know that they are absolutely unfit to experience love. How horrible!




Because of this, and the weight of all the addictions and bad memories, awful parents and ridiculous schools, the self-abuse, experiments, institutions and terrible experiences you've suffered through with yourself, other people and the police, many of you do need my help very much.



Dame Wotta Tripp is telling you now that It's impossible to have a happy relationship with someone else if you don't love and respect yourself, however misshapen, wrinkly, shiny, spindly, large, tiny, hairy, bald, blind, deaf, mute, dumb, bright or 'other' you are.




Don't be coy. Many of you will by now have entire body parts missing, sometimes even very large ones.




Despite all of this, it's absolutely vital that you love what is left of you, yourself. Self-love is not selfish as long as it is not entirely self-indulgent, which isn't love anyway, but rather part of a disorder.




But who among you doesn't have one or more disorders at this point?




It's the harsh nature of life on Earth combined with the frequently malfunctioning and very delicate glandular and electrical balances of the brain and body that causes many of the trials and tribulations for man-kind.




Many of our problems are inherited and of genetic origin. This allows for the dilemmas and frictions that encourage soul-growth over many life-times. But governmental interferences and institutions together with a general lack of tolerance puts the beige, brown and grey icing on the damage cake. Life isn't easy.




It's all very complex, contrary and uncomfortable, isn't it? That's why we must simplify things together.




That's why Dame Wotta Tripp is here to bring you advice and comfort in the darkling hours.









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