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See all the helpful items which Dame Wotta Tripp offers to her loyal and loving followers & fans!

Wotta Tripp knows that you all desire to see her empire growing at a very rapid and healthy rate, as if bombarded invisibly but competently by gamma rays from a helpful alien source.



The Following Shops are now Available:




Wotta Works        The Green Cat



The Following Shops & Services are coming soon:


      ALCHEMyKOOL     Trippsedelia  





Letter Writing Service  Magickal Services


Magickal Godmother Service  Order A Darn Good Telling Off!



Each item or service that you purchase comes equipped with it's very own special magickal spell attached. What will happen to you next is anyone's guess, but after all, life is for living fully, isn't it?


Each spell unfolds itself slowly, blossoming to be perfectly in tune with the lucky recipient, delivering surprise after happy surprise.


Wotta Tripp invites you fairly warmly to visit her emporiums and buy and then enjoy her unique products. You will find gift items suitable for friends, enemies and smaller animals of all sizes.




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