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How terrible it is to be different and feel unloved and unwanted. Most people feel like this sometimes, but the truly unusual and strange must live daily (and nightly) with this awful feeling.


It's a permanent fixture that follows each offbeat sufferer around like a speckled and soggy dark cloud, making life difficult and tempestuous.


And if one is hideously abnormal, well, it really doesn't bear thinking about. What a disadvantage when life is already quite difficult enough. But we must think about it, for even the peculiar deserve love, and that is the purpose of this dating site.


So be courageous, take the black covers off all of your mirrors and face the world and its nasty snickering bravely once more, because your turn has finally come!


Everyone is welcome here, because nobody is too special for love!


Take heart, because in a world full of billions of struggling people there is always someone stranger than you, even if they live in another country.


Believe Wotta Tripp when she tells you that highly unorthodox methods of obtaining specific biological responses and results abound all around us in an ever-mutating atmosphere of untypical and creative personal expression.


The fact that some people might find this extremely embarrassing or even unpleasant is hardly the point. Diversity has always been a crucial component of life. It is connected to evolution.



So let us begin by shedding our inhibitions and taking the plunge into the chilling but exciting world of:


Wotta Tripp Dating - Dedicated to Bringing Very Special Lonely Hearts Together in Highly Unnatural Circumstances 




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