Out in the Open with Ishfold


Welcome to 'Out in the Open', where you can read essays written by Ishfold, one of Dame Wotta Tripp's animal companions and also her familiar. His writings are insightful little forays into a usually secretive feline world.





Go To Ishfold's Essay  The Jellyfishies

Go To Ishfold's Essay  The Procurement ov a Human

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Choozing a Nayme for a Kittin or Growne Catte

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Where Duz Yore Catte or Kitton Sleepe?

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Hayreballs & Catte Groomeing

Go To Ishfold's Essay Is Yore Cattes Hayre Fawling Owt? It Myte Be Yore Fawlt!!

Go To Ishfold's Essay  The Hoss Chessnutte Tree

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Cattes Are Moste Wunderfulle Creetyures

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Makkeing Yore Ghasts Welcomb

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Looking Repwrowchfulee Atte Peepul

Go To Ishfold's Essay  Apposabul Thumbes & Wynges





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