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Ishfold enjoys his interactions with human beings quite a lot. As this is a very unusual experiment the like of which hasn't been attempted before there are a few hurdles to be overcome in the human-feline communication department, but Ishfold's making a great start.

Ishfold knows many gnomes & elves who have pledged to help him hone his letter writing skills. He even uses bats to carry his messages back & forth.

Meessenger Bats


It isn't that cats don't understand us - they do, whatever languge we speak. It's we who are unable to comprehend cats or any other animal very well. We can't conceive of an intelligence that operates differently from our own, but that's really not very bright of us.

Ishfold invites people to write to him & he will do his very best to answer your letter. If he does then your letter will be featured in the 'Letters to Ishfold' section.

You can reach Ishfold at:  ishfold@gmail.com  whenever you feel like it or just click the button below to write to him now:




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Scared Mouse



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Ms. April Moon





Ishfold is helped in his tasks by Ms. April Moon, secretary to Dame Wotta Tripp Advice.

Ishfold, Dame Wotta Tripp & the staff of Dame Wotta Tripp Advice would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all of her dedicated hard work & tireless good humour.

Thank you very much, April!








Mouse                                That Was Good!





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