Moth Wings





The night is warm and inviting. A gentle breeze is carrying the scent of flowers to you. Insects hum softly and a night-bird calls mysteriously. The full moon illuminates a scene of natural and romantic beauty. What a wonderful evening for play!  

The night is calling you... 

...or at least it would be if you were outside and not sitting on the couch alone, stuffing your tummy with undesirable carbohydrates and feeling sorry for yourself. 

But however undesirable you feel, or even are, you are far from being alone. 96.3% of the entire world is also the same way, even those in relationships, and a sizeable portion of those left over are re-makes and/or airbrushed. Just think! 


The Night... conjures up images from the deepest, darkest caverns of the psyche, already populated with our worst fears and nightmares. 


It also the time when we dream of our most secret fantasies, or even perhaps, carry them out. 


Shamans and sorcerers have always known about the secret knowledge carried by the moth. It's magical reality is completely different to that of the butterfly, and it is indeed a creature of the night. 


Carlos Castaneda wrote - quite correctly -  that the moth carries secret knowledge in the dust of its wings - in other words, in the tiny scales that coat it's wings, it's patterns, reflections and vibrations. 


This dust has nothing at all to do with romance, unless that is, you are a rare one who cares little for Earthly adventures and are instead a seeker of the romance of other worlds. 


Secret knowledge has always been difficult to come by and it usually carries a high price. Dame Wotta Tripp paid this price a very long time ago and is thus in a position to almost freely help others. 


What does the night mean to you? Is it a time of magic and desire, secrets and impossibilities that might actually, really, one day come true? 


If so, come now and follow Dame Wotta Tripp down the path of dreams into her moon garden, where you will learn how to weave a little ancient night magic to spice up your days on Earth.


Here you will learn a few secrets about romance and love as well as some spells if you are becoming quite desperate. 


And for you who are fated to remain alone this lifetime, Dame Wotta Tripp is here to teach you about the Dream Lover, not in fact a dream after all, but a tangible reality - oooh!



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