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Note: It has been discovered by scientists that orgasms activate almost the entire brain. Not only this, but orgasms oxygenate the brain and also energize it. 



In other words, they are very, very good for you!



Now, there have always been people who knew that fact, but scientists are often the very last ones to find things out, assuming they get things right in the first place, that is, which they very frequently and very obviously do not. 



It sometimes really does depend on what they are paid to 'discover'.



But this fact about orgasms goes a long way to explaining why teenagers are driven and compelled to experience their own sexuality. It is quite probably a great factor in glandular and brain development as well. 



Orgasms light up our brains and our lives as well! 



To deny this healthful function, especially on religious or 'moral' grounds, is incredibly immature and naive as well as unhelpful in the extreme.



It has been whispered that some cruder souls would go so far as to say to all 'Pastors' and 'Fathers' (with the exception of Reverend Dame Wotta Tripp who knows whereof she speaks): "Bugger off and brainwash someone else on another planet. Preferably one full of hungry cannibals".



Far better to use enlightened education, the truth and sensible protective options in order to help your teen navigate through the already harsh waters of puberty, although water, or rather, the lack of it, can often pose quite a conundrum at that tender age.



The idea is to create sexually responsible people who know how to avoid pregnancies, STD's and unwanted and painful entanglements, but who are also aware of and sensitive to other people, including their needs, boundaries and wellbeing.



It is not to make young people feel guilty about their natural feelings. Doing so constitutes an almost criminal act of sabotage to the vulnerable and evolving human being.



One only has to turn on the TV or step outside and look around to see that things aren't going to change overnight. Some things are better done in the light of day anyway.



Sadly. it isn't illegal to be so stupid that you need to be slapped silly.



Indeed it's actively encouraged by society in general. You are advised to temporarily step aside from it all and take a good clear look at the world without peering dimly through the fly-blown and prejudiced spectacles of religion and politics.



Religion and politics are after all only man-made rubbish, designed to control and manipulate people with.



Your evolutionary role is to practice love, kindness and tolerance towards life on this planet. 



God is not a man sitting somewhere in 'heaven' running everything and using a reward and punishment system to grade us all with. That is not how it works. 


It's incredibly spiritually childish and immature to believe so.



But everything created shares a portion of a unique energy system, an access to God's own wonderful creative and procreative energy, along with the free will to pursue bliss and personal evolution while temporarily living in the third dimension.



Call it Chi, Prana, Orgone, Kundalini, life-force, whatever you like. When it flows up your spine and through your body in the form of sacred sexual energy it can activate waves of bliss that make the simple genital orgasm seem as a pale shadow ever after.



However you experience the sacred gift of sexual energy which was given to all sentient beings, it is the energy of life itself, so welcome and respect it within yourself and others.



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