Food for Lovers


Lovers have always sought ways to enhance their

passion and make their experiences more intense, and for a special few of them, more meaningful as well.


Accordingly, people throughout history have recorded their observations regarding both the internal and external use of foods, herbs, spices, oils and tinctures in their quest for better, longer and more interesting sex.





Ever creative, people have bathed and frolicked together in vats of milk, wine, oiled and scented water, whipped cream and Jello for hundreds of years.


Frog Legs


They have hand-fed each other assortments of aphrodisiacal foods such as chocolate, oysters, strawberries, asparagus and frog legs, all in the hope of having a stellar and unforgettable experience.


  A few folk have made mistakes in herbal identification because of their impatience to improve their love-life and have instead had unforgettable experiences for other more unfortunate reasons.



But what is the truth about aphrodisiacs? Government appointed food and drug administrations, as though they thought it was in any way their business, have declared that aphrodisiacs are a myth with no credible science to back up their apparently undeserved reputations as love-intensifiers.


Fortunately, there are still people who are aware that observation and personal experience are the larger part of what is valuable when it comes to assessing such matters.


Satisfactory sex is largely reliant on healthy bodily functions and brain chemistry. From this point of view it should be obvious that anything that promotes bodily health will also generally help improve your sex life.


It's equally clear that anything that promotes or increases brain chemistry related to sex will also enhance your sexual experience, and possibly your performance as well.


So common sense, something you do not need any governmental health-department intervention with, should tell you that eating properly and keeping yourself fit will enhance your entire life, including your possibly aberrant sexual activities.



What am I Taking?

It should also broadly hint to you that certain herbs and foods that perform such tasks as temporarily altering brain chemistry and enhancing blood flow and circulation can make a big difference.


Dame Wotta Tripp is here to tell you that food and drug administrations will soon be a myth, may they rest in peace, a bad dream that will pass away, and that your sex-life and habits concerning the ingestion of herbs such as horny goat-weed and lightly-steamed asparagus is not the business of any government agency anywhere.



Of course aphrodisiacs work, it's ridiculous to think that they do not, although some things work better for some people than for others.


This is because there are quite wide physiological differences between people, but then this gives everybody more room for experimentation, and I expect that nobody will complain too much about that.


So what are aphrodisiacs exactly, and how are they supposed to work?



How Aphrodisiacs Work

The word aphrodisiac is derived from the Greek aphrodisiakos, which is of course connected to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.


The word basically means 'an agent that arouses, or is believed to arouse sexual desire' and 'something that excites'. That sounds about right, and it's the way that people generally expect and hope an aphrodisiac will work for them. 


Snake Penis Capsules


What Categories do Aphrodisiacs Come in?

There are many different types of aphrodisiacs, but most of them are ingested.

It's important to understand the difference between substances that have true aphrodisiacal properties and those which merely add an extra frisson to your sensual experiences and help to set the mood for love.



Those which are truly aphrodisiacal have an action on the body which causes a physiological effect that has the end result of helping someone, often the male, to both enjoy and perform sexual activities in a much more satisfactory way than is usual than, say, after 6 beers and a large take-out.


Other mood-enhancing activities that make use of colours, fabrics, perfumes, oils, incenses, strange latex toys and scented candles can be used to set the scene for love-making.


Such things can be said to have an aphrodisiacal quality in that they have the capacity to act upon the senses and emotions in a sensual and arousing manner.


Less conventional attempts to influence the outcome of a sexual assignation in a favourable manner include the use of magic and mental seduction techniques which work with varying degrees of success, depending on the skill of the practitioner.


This behaviour however constitutes stepping over onto the shady side of the street as far as magic is concerned, and this course of action is not recommended by Dame Wotta Tripp in this article.


The correct article is the one titled 'Love Spells' which can be found in the Mothwings index.



A Nice Bottle of WineAlcohol

I am placing alcohol in it's own category as I consider it to be the 'extreme sports' of aphrodisiacs, and it can occasionally involve exhilaration, ecstasy, memorable sex and a subsequent deepening of the bond between two people, but this is due to the loosening of inhibitions after one and a half glasses of fine wine, or a large cognac or even perhaps a glass of genuine absinthe.


Unfortunately, it more frequently involves massive amounts of alcohol, danger, injury, complete failure, falls, shame, confessions, squabbles, fire, punctured water-beds, smashed household and personal possessions as well as relationship break-ups.



The best you could say under the circumstances is that the situation was memorable, but even this is a long-shot as many people find that they have no memory whatsoever of events that appear to have transpired, and they have no idea either how they got into whatever situation they come round to when the more immediate effects of the alcohol begin to pass away or the alarm-clock suddenly goes off.


Startled to find that some life-changing event has happened to them in the night, apparently while they weren't there, they sadly adapt to their new circumstances, or even drink more to continue forgetting,


If you could read the letters Wotta Tripp receives each and every week of the year recounting terrible mistakes that cannot be put right, unforgivable fights in which the truth is told, sometimes in between throwing punches, you would roll around helplessly in sympathy.


I know that Dame Wotta Tripp certainly does.


She is now going to list some of the safer products that could help you to attain a more satisfactory love-life.




Before we begin Wotta Tripp must state that it is never a good idea to secretly feed any herbal substances to your lover without their knowledge and consent.


Having said that, it is certainly better than feeding them ground glass or rat poison because they cannot provide you with what you feel you need.


Let's start with a quick list of vitamins and minerals that can improve sexual performance and enhance satisfaction.


Take Your Vitamins!


   Vitamin C

   Vitamin B complex

   Vitamin E

   Vitamin A












A herb is a plant, or part of a plant that is used for medicine, flavouring food, teas and sometimes perfumes. It may also be used in a magical and spiritual capacity.


The following qualities are looked for in a herb that supports and promotes normal or enhanced sexual functioning:



·       Stimulating 

·       Nourishing 

·       Tonifying 


There are some herbs that have all these attributes. Here are some of them:


Passion Flower


    Passion Flower 


          Oat Straw 




           Horny Goats Weed          





For some people, the heady and exciting perfumes of exotic and erotic spices conjure up visions of travel, ancient spice routes, midnight bazaars, perfumed oils, silks, incense and romantic assignations.


Spices live up to their exotic reputations, helping us to create healthful and delicious dishes around the world.



Hot PeppersCayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, or Capsicum, is a most marvellous spice that is amazingly good for your overall health. It works powerfully as an aphrodisiac because it is warming, stimulates blood circulation and is also a stimulant and heart tonic. Don't use it on mucous membranes or get it in your eyes (unless you seek penance). It will do you no damage, but it will be painful! Use it instead in a spicy meal. See the 'Food s' section for a sweet and spicy combination that uses cayenne pepper. 


Please note: If you are seeking to confess to Dame Wotta Tripp and go through punishment, Wottribution and penance,

'After Sin Crème - Dame Wotta Tripp Capsicum Penance Gel' can be ordered here on the Penance page.



Cinnamon Sticks  Fragrant Black Pepper 


Cinnamon: stimulating; warming; sensuous. Seductive taste and scent.

Cloves: fragrant enhancer of sexuality

Ginger: stimulating, improves circulation; fights cancers; seductive taste and scent.

Nutmeg: traditionally held to be an aphrodisiac when used in small amounts. 

Pepper: fragrant and sexy, black pepper stimulates the senses and acts as an aphrodisiac. 

Saffron: fragrant and magical, saffron has the ability to heighten sensual and erotic sexual sensations due to the presence of the chemical picrocrocin as one of its constituents. Real saffron is very expensive, so be prepared to pay a lot for it. 

Vanilla: the scent as well as the taste of vanilla are renowned for their ability to cause some people to feel extremely romantically inclined. It's certainly well worth a try. 



Oils & Perfumes

Unshelled AlmondsCarrier oils are used as a base for perfume and massage oils. Many oils can be toxic if used in large amounts and so they are added a few drops at a time to the carrier, or base, oil.


 There are quite a few oils that will serve in this way, but for the purposes of seduction and pleasure Dame Wotta Tripp recommends using one of the following as a carrier oil:


·       Sweet almond oil 

·       Avocado oil 

·       Jojoba oil

·       Coconut oil



Note: if you are planning to use oils for aromatherapy purposes then they don't have to be diluted as they will not be contacting your skin, unless you have an accident with the bottle.


There are three oils that are known to affect the heart chakra and bring the energy of harmony to the user. These are jasmine, rose and lavender, and one of them has an added bonus when you use it.


Jasmine  Sweet Summer Roses


·       Jasmine 

·       Rose 

·       Lavender 


Lavender is Hot


Did you guess which of these oils has an added bonus in the bedroom? Answer: lavender.  


Recent studies reached a remarkable conclusion about what scents and odours turn a man on the most. The altogether shocking result was disclosed, Dame Wotta Tripp is sure, to women who winced in horror at the memory of all the money they had squandered to date on expensive perfumes and scents.


This will be a surprise to many women, who expect it to be the jasmine or rose that wields the most seductive power in matters of the boudoir.


The simple facts are these: the two scents that turn men on more than anything else are lavender and pumpkin pie.


Say goodbye to Worth and Chanel, ladies. Dab some lavender oil behind your ears and head towards the kitchen to create a home-baked pumpkin pie.


Or you could always go out and treat yourself to a bottle of fabulous scent and a box of expensive, lush chocolates, just for you.


There are many other oils that are helpful, and some may work better for you than others. You could experiment with any of the following scents and perfumes.


·       Bergamot 

·       Black Pepper  

·       Chamomile  

·       Cinnamon  

·       Frankincense  

·       Ginger 

·       Myrrh  

·       Patchouli  

·       Sandalwood  

·       Vanilla 

·       Ylang Ylang  




These are nature's natural aphrodisiacs and we all secrete them. A large part of the attraction between two people is a direct result of pheromones. Love blooms when the chemistry is right. To learn more, refer to the index for the article Dame Wotta Tripp has prepared for you, 'The Chemistry of Love', which can be found in the Morgasms section of this site.



Remembering and sharing, or even re-creating, past steamy encounters with your lover can be erotic, unless they involve showers or hot-tubs and second degree burns. Always try to associate romance and good memories together. You might even try writing an erotic story for your lover based on recollections of your steamiest moments together.



Fantasies can be the dreams that nightmares are made of if things go wrong. Setting the stage can be fun, but there is not much room for error, so you must plan very carefully.


Using food as part of their sexual fantasies can be very exciting for some people, and included in this group are some couples and groups so engrossed in matters of the kitchen that anybody not personally involved really shouldn't ever accept invitations to dinner in their homes, but instead eat with them only in well-lit restaurants.




Foods speak a special language when it come to love. For instance, most (but not all) people find such edibles as peaches, oysters and cherries jubilee more sensual than, say, tripe, jellied eels or haggis with brussel sprouts.


Apples - The Food of LoveApples 

Many people don't realise that the apple tree is a member of the rose family. This places it firmly in the realm of love, vibrationally speaking. There is a great deal of interesting folklore surrounding the apple, the most well-known being the errant nonsense written about Eve and Adam.


Apples are a symbol of fertility, and have magical associations as evidenced in Celtic, Greek and Norse mythology, with such things as gold or silver magic apples turning up willy-nilly, and frequently associated with the Underworld, fair maidens and faery gifts.


The apple tree and all its parts are very important within the Faery Faith of Europe. It actually turns up in many cultures world-wide as a sacred fruit


Apples are very good for you, containing vitamin C and compounds that are healthy and nutritious, liver-healing, cancer-fighting, obesity-battling and alkalizing. And of course, this versatile and fibre-filled treat does indeed taste heavenly, however you choose to consume it.


Apple cider vinegar is inexpensive in the form of the pure vinegar as well as dried in capsule or tablet form. It is full of calcium, and can help to detoxify your liver and alkalize your body, improving your general heath and making you feel generally sexier.


Apples have long been credited with having aphrodisiacal properties within many cultures. Of course, drinking the fruit in the form of fermented cider will definitely serve as an aphrodisiac, as long as you don't over- indulge.


It is stronger, more persistent and much wilier than beer. Crafty, effervescent and seriously potent, it strikes swiftly, disabling the victim ably. If this happens to you, neither the entirety of you, nor any separate parts will be raising themselves further than your wanton snoring allows for.


It has been discovered that men find it arousing to be served warm, home-made apple pie with cream or ice cream. The rational mind truly boggles, however there is no point in being too judgmental, and there is no doubt either that apple pie tastes wonderful when well and freshly made.


Note: Toffee apples make a nice sticky treat for sharing and are fun for lovers to make together. Just be careful, because when you are wearing nothing but aprons, boiling toffee can cause very nasty burns. 



Recognized as an aphrodisiac for almost 2,000 years, this exotic little green lends a delicious peppery flavor to salads. Use it in your dinner's side-salad to help pave the way to a spicy result later in the evening.



The Humble ArtichokeArtichoke

The artichoke is not in fact a vegetable, but is the giant flower bud of a thistle-like plant that is related to the sunflower.


Artichokes have been prized in many times and places for their nutty flavour and legendary aphrodisiacal qualities. They were considered to augment sexual prowess and desire to the point where women in parts of 16th century Europe were actually forbidden from eating them, presumably by insecure, selfish and thoroughly ignorant men who perhaps should have each noted a swift close-up of a cast-iron frying pan hove into view just before it satisfactorily met its mark.



Wotta Tripp is fairly certain that many women roundly ignored this ridiculous masculine direction and carried right on eating the tasty and slightly decadent artichoke.


It would have done for them what it will do for you as well, being nutritious and an aid to digestion, influencing bile flow. It has powerful antioxidant properties. It improves the functions of the liver and gall bladder, and is an appetite and taste bud stimulant.


Full of healthful fiber but low in calories and fat, this beautiful floral 'vegetable' is host to an impressive and complete high-level array of both vitamins and minerals, as well as helping to set the mood for love.





Used both as a food and a medicine, asparagus has a long history of human usage dating back well over 5,000 years, which shows it has staying power.


The young and tender shoots of this subtly-flavoured vegetable are consumed as a delicacy before they flower and become fibrous and inedible.


Asparagus is in fact, full of fibre, and also vitamin B6, C, A, K, E along with zinc and potassium as well as other nutrients that are helpful to a healthy sex life. It even contains protein.   


Useful as a laxative and diuretic it also contains substances that aids in lessening the devastating power of the hangover.

The only drawback asparagus has is that it scents the urine in a way that some people find highly objectionable.


Lauded over the centuries as an aphrodisiac, the tips of its phallus-like shoots are sometimes known as 'points d'amour', which translates rather disturbingly as 'love-tips'.






This pear-shaped fruit has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Delicious, sensual and chock-full of important nutrients, its signature is feminine, but it's also been used to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance the sexual desirability of both sexes. Slather it on.







The signature shape of the banana is somewhat phallic-looking, and nature frequently draws our attention to useful plants and herbs in this way. 


The banana is almost a perfect food, supplying many necessary nutrients as well as starch and fibre to our diets.


A little-known fact: it also contains trace amounts of potassium-40, making it ever so slightly radioactive, which should add a slight frisson for some of you.


Bananas can be cut in half (or into smaller pieces) that can then be dipped in melted chocolate and frozen as sweet treats. Use lollipop sticks or wooden toothpicks inserted into the fruit & then dip and freeze. What you do with them afterwards is not the business of Dame Wotta Tripp.



The appeal of these healthy and delectable goodies is undeniable, and they come in just the right sizes to hand-feed to your lover.


Use fresh, sweet, plump and well-ripened strawberries, loganberries and raspberries for erotic effect.


Berries pair well with whipped cream, either dark or white chocolate and a sweet sparkling wine if desired.



Sticks of CeleryCelery

Celery contains a hormone called Androsterone. This is the same powerful pheromone that is released by male sweat glands and that is responsible in part for causing female arousal.


Although it's perhaps not the most exciting-looking vegetable in the refrigerator, celery can nevertheless be braised and served with a white wine sauce. Dressed up in this way, it will be fit to serve as part of a romantic dinner for two or three.




Attributed with many properties in the past, coriander , which is the dried seeds of cilantro, retains its reputation as an aphrodisiac. It has proved useful in treating impotence and a low sex drive.


It's a delicious addition to a curry or soup, as well as being widely used in love spells and potions.



Hot Chillis

Chilli Peppers

A deliciously healthy food that will add a sexy heat to many different culinary dishes, hot peppers contain a substance called capsaicin, which is stimulating for the entire body and very good in general for the heart. This spicy chemical can actually cause nerve-endings to increase their sensitivity, heightening the sexual experience for many people.


When you eat it the sudden heat activates the brain's pain response, causing it to release endorphins which create a feel-good sense of well-being as well as increased circulation.


This is all very conducive to positive sexual encounters, so go ahead and heat things up. Try adding it to hot chocolate or selecting some products that already contain it.


You can buy pepper-infused vodka, chocolates, honey, oils and other edible products in specialty stores ready-made for your romantic supper.



Sinful Chocolates



Few people dislike chocolate, and some people consider it to be practically food of the gods, the ultimate in decadent self-indulgence. Many people simply can't resist it at all.


It contains two very interesting chemicals that explain its well-documented effects. One of these is tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, which is a feel-good brain chemical that plays a major role in sexual arousal.



The other contributor is a chemical stimulant called phenylethylamine. It is actually released in the human brain when someone is falling in love, so its presence in chocolate along with tryptophan make it the ultimate food for sexual arousal and just plain feeling good.



A Cup of Coffee



Although not generally considered as an aphrodisiac, a cup of coffee after your romantic meal, perhaps with a brandy, will be temporarily stimulating, alleviating tiredness.


Take advantage of its ability to increase your heart rate and stimulate both you and your lover before retiring to whichever room you have planned to violate while conducting your sexual escapades.




Goji Berries

A great choice for every day, drinking the juice of this amazing fruit, known also as 'happy berries', will have overall health benefits that will put you in the mood for love more often. Dame Wotta Tripp thoroughly recommends this fruit of vigour and longevity.


Wotta Tripp has been taking Goji Juice daily, except during the first and second World Wars, for almost two hundred years.


In modern times, Dame Wotta Tripp imbibes the Goji Juice provided by Healing Noni, as it is the best and most reasonably priced on the planet, as well as providing an excellent and lightning-swift service, something that Wotta Tripp always personally insists upon.



Magical HoneyHoney

A food long associated with love, fertility and good health, honey is an amazing substance in many ways. Bees do indeed make the perfect food, or at least, wild bees still do. The associations with love include the word 'honeymoon'.


Mead is a delicious full-bodied honey wine made from fermented honey and in Britain it used to be the traditional honeymoon beverage. Purchase a bottle to enhance your romantic meal. Honey is an energy enhancer and aphrodisiac that you can use in cooking, drinks and desserts, as well as directly on skin.


Baklava is a delicious sweet pastry made with nuts and honey. Its origins lie in the far past and it may have first been eaten in Turkish palaces. It makes a perfect and romantic ending to a private meal.



Our Friend the Honey BeePlease Note: Wotta Tripp, who is a friend to bees, urges you to try to purchase organic unpasteurized honey for personal use. Modern honey-making practices include feeding the bees a white sugar solution. This diet of continual junk food as well as exposure to pesticides has undermined the immune systems of modern bees, leaving them susceptible to diseases, such as the tragic Colony Collapse Disorder. 









Kick-start your libido with dishes that include luscious mango. This natural aphrodisiac is claimed to increase virility, as well as the effects of THC.


Delicious alone, it can also be included in salads, cold soups, curries, chutneys, ice creams, sherbets and a tempting array of baked desserts.









Can the humble mussel, like oysters, act as an aphrodisiac, as satisfied lovers have claimed for hundreds of years?


The answer is yes, because shellfish contain chemical compounds that release important sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, making it a fitting food to eat during romantic assignations for both men and women. A large mollusc medley stew, while not sounding particularly sexy, might actually end up igniting waves of passion between you and your sweetie.




The nutritious little mustard seed is very good for you, as many hot foods are, being able to increase circulation, and slightly increase adrenalin levels as well.


These qualities lead to better sex and mustard has a longstanding and heady reputation as a potent aphrodisiac.



Oysters with Lemon



Most people know that oysters are considered to be aphrodisiacs. They are associated with both love and fertility, so add them to your menu of love.


Oysters have the added bonus of being high in zinc.







This wonderful tropical treat was once used to cure impotence. It is extremely nutritious, and where there is good nutrition a healthy libido will generally follow.


It's full of vitamin C as well as manganese, which aids in the production of semen, so it is especially beneficial to men, but everyone can benefit from eating fresh enzyme-rich pineapple regularly.



It has one more very special quality - it makes the bodily fluids of humans taste pleasant, which many people seem to find novel.


Whether this applies to all mammals, Wotta Tripp couldn't say.


The type of persons who might show an interest in such matters can sometimes be seen displaying aberrant behaviour at as young an age as 5 or 6 in such milieus as petting zoos.   


Keep your animal companions well away from them.



Pumpkin Seeds

Full of iron. fiber, minerals, zinc, oil, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and many other nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They also contain antioxidants and are generally so very healthy for everyone that you simply can't lose by making them a regular part of your diet.


They contain everything they need, and more, to make them a very potent aphrodisiac, as their long-standing reputation indicates.



Saffron Crocus



For those few people who can afford and access real saffron, it has been long been valued as a sexual stimulant.


This is because the chemical constituents of saffron act very much like hormones do in the body, and this works particularly well for women, but you can take too much of it, so if you wish to use saffron as an aphrodisiac make sure you do a little research first to find out what the optimum amount would be for you or your partner.








Although berries have already been covered, these luscious, red, heart-shaped heavenly-tasting delicacies remind people of love, as each little girl knows.


As adults, they frequently remind us of more passionate types of love, and so are included in many romantic dishes. Everybody enjoys ripe, sweet strawberries, with or without the suggested enhancement of champagne and roses.



So plan a menu around an erotic and romantic palette of foods fit for, and traditionally eaten by, queens and kings for hundreds or even thousands of years.


It gives a sense of continuity that is pleasing to the discerning individual.


And remember, unless you are actually lying in a hospital bed with metal pins holding important body-parts together, and sometimes even then, it's never really too late to spice up your love-life, even if your erogenous zones have finally turned into homogenous zones.


Almost everybody deserves love, and while there's life there is still opportunity, or at least hope!



If you are still disappointed after trying all Dame Wotta Tripp's excellent advice, you are probably a pest of the first water. It can only be suggested that you might read the article 'Dream Lovers' listed in the Moth Wings index.




Bon Appétit!



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