Dream Lover Cottage


Do dream lovers exist? Down through the ages people

have written of their experiences with otherworldly lovers, and the accounts continue to this day and number in their many thousands.


Although more popular with women than men, paranormal fiction that involves love stories containing such elements as vampirism, demon lovers, ghosts, reincarnation, aliens and time travel constitute some of the hottest fiction on the market today, according to the millions of people who apparently can't get enough of it. 



Fay Fantasies 

Many lonely folk have fantasized about secret romances that take place quite literally out of this world, while at the same time believing it to be an impossibility. But is it?   


No, it isn't.  Not at all



This third dimension that we live in is just one of many and it happens to be the very densest. 


Wherever there is life on other planes there exists the possibility for relationships, romance and yes, even sexual activities. 



Avoid Sex in the Lower Astral


Astral sex is very familiar to those who practice sex-magic in the murkier lower-quarters of the astral planes, but few people today realise that it's a reality rather than a Hollywood fantasy.  


But there are ways to have real, unselfish, mutually satisfying two-way relationships with people who are not presently in embodiment. 


Humans have had faerie lovers for centuries and reaped rich  

rewards - and heartaches - from consorting with them.


This tradition is well-established, and there have always been certain families around the world which can properly claim descent from the fay fruit of these Otherworldly alliances. 




Wotta Tripp is more than willing to spill the golden sex beans so zealously guarded by churches and occult groups up to the present day. It is past time for the truth about dream lovers and a lot more besides. 




Earthly Promises and Agreements 

Sometimes you can discover that your Earthly lover and you have a special agreement that you didn't know anything about. 



Earthly Loves Often Fail

 You agreed to be honest and monogamous, but your significant other apparently agreed to be a cheating, lying quisling while you weren't paying attention. What a surprise! 


You may be stuck, lonely and disappointed, but people find  

love in the strangest places, and you can too. 


Whether star-crossed or double-crossed, you can change your romantic destiny and find love in the astral world.  




An astral lover may be just what you need to assuage your loneliness and help you to reach new heights of exquisite passion. Sweet revenge! 


But if you are in a relationship with someone else and you have made a promise to remain monogamous and honest then you would be compromising this vow. 


If you feel the need to seek romance and sex outside your marriage, then perhaps you should talk to your partner and get counselling together instead. 


Trying to explain later on that your relationship faltered and failed because rather than deal with existing problems you chose instead to initiate an affair with a spirit on the astral plains will be very awkward. 


You might find yourself confronting a doctor or even a family intervention, and you would never live it down. It would provide them with fodder and ammunition for a very long time to come. 





Can I Get One?


Can I get One, then, Wotta? 

We are not discussing a pet here. But yes, you can. Anyone can. 


You are perfectly entitled to pursue happiness in other worlds and take lovers there as well. You may feel that there are many reasons why you wouldn't be desirable to others.


But things are very different in the astral worlds, as you will discover.






What About the Fact I'm Almost 82 Years Old? 

You may feel all wrinkly and saggy, and in fact you are. Most people are after a few years on this planet. It doesn't matter at all! In the astral you are a svelte younger person and most likely look as if you are an exceptionally healthy 30-35 years old. 


Like A Healthy Young PersonYou are free to have sex like a healthy younger person without having to worry about arthritic or prosthetic limbs, wrinkles, rapid balding, weight gain or loss, stuttering, shocking deformities or nasty infectious diseases.  


Every person exploring the astral realms feels young  and consequently they feel the urge to be sexually active again. Sex is not something just experienced on Earth. It exists throughout all dimensions, but in slightly differing forms depending on the location and environment. 


This is because sex is actually an ecstatic energy exchange between living entities. An astral sexual experience is invariably better than a physical one. The sexual experiences we have in our physical bodies is a pale shadow of those we encounter when in other dimensions.  


Without our denser body, energies flow unimpeded with no stale energy blockages to navigate, allowing for amazing orgasmic experiences.




You are Always Young in Other Dimensions 

In the astral planes you are attractive and young again, with sparkling eyes and an abundance of vital energy. This is the way people will appear to you when you are there unless for some reason they choose to look different. 


The substance of the astral realms has plasticity and is malleable. You can rearrange it with your thoughts if you so desire, and this includes your own appearance. 


Your self-awareness, which is actually more complete when you are in your astral body, will automatically perfectly shape the projected astral body. 





Lesbian Lovers in the Astral

I'm Gay, Wotta Tripp - Can I Find Astral Love? 

You most certainly can. There are as many sexual variations in the astral as there are here, more in fact, although it is true that certain of them are confined to the lower-astral areas, but these do not include gay and lesbian relationships which are completely accepted and normal in this environment, as they should be. 


Your true inner sexual identity will reflect in the type of body you choose to be in. This is the nature of mind and its action on the fluidity of the astral plane.





Perhaps A Bit DangerousHidden Dangers 

"How do I know my lover won't be dangerous, Dame Wotta Tripp?" I hear you all asking. It's a little irritating when several people ask this in their heads at the same time, for it sets up an echo in mine. Still, it can't be helped, and Wotta understands people's concerns. 


Even after knowing somebody in a physical body, such as a friend or neighbour of many decades, thousands of us are shocked each

and every year to discover we have been having regular dealings with a serial killer, kidnapper, molester or even a Wal-Mart security guard. 




All of these people are dangerous in one way or another. 


Consider the hidden perils of amorous encounters in today's world. Even if you sleep with somebody who isn't one of the aforementioned nuisances, there is still the danger of contracting one or more STD's, or becoming with some sort of child. 


A wisely selected astral lover could rarely be responsible for that amount of damage. You are comparatively very safe.




The Spirit Spouse 

Across the world and throughout our sojourn on this fair planet certain people, often in a shamanic capacity, have claimed to have a spirit spouse who also frequently takes on the role of a spirit helper. 


Assessing all of this information, the following characteristics are attributed to the spirit lover: 


·       They are familiar to - and with - people in every country. 

·       They are generally nocturnal. 

·       They enter into a type of 'marriage' with the humans they desire. 

·       They are capable of having sex with a human, sometimes even when the person is in their physical body

·       They can enter the dream-world of a lover for sexual encounters. 

·       They can have sex with a lover who is experiencing an OBE (Out of Body Experience) in the astral. 

·       They are helpful to their human lover and frequently bring 'good luck' with them. 

·       There are a variety of separate entities who have been credited with the ability to precipitate a sexual encounter with a human being, including but not limited to Faeries, Djinn, demons and familiar spirits, which are all capable of shape-shifting.  

·       The spirit spouse can be a wild spirit indeed - beware! 


There are many combinations of sexual congress available, some more desirable for humans than others. Here are some of them: 


·       Human in physical body + human in physical body 

·       Human in astral/dream body + dream character/construct 

·       Human in astral/dream body + human in astral/dream body 

·       Human in astral/dream body +demons/lower vibrational entities 

·       Human in astral/dream body + members of the Faery underworld and Djinn 

·       Human in astral/dream body + human in physical body & vice versa 

·       Human in physical body + members of the Faery underworld and Djinn 

·       Humans in physical body +demons/lower vibrational entities 

·       Humans in physical body + aliens/extraterrestrials 

·       Human Soul + Divine Love/ Ecstatic Bliss






It's extremely busy out there. Dame Wotta

Tripp cautions that it is wise to limit your sexual encounters to those that take place with other human beings, whether on Earth or in the astral, except of course, encounters with Divine Love, which are beyond sexual, being connected to Universal Love-Bliss. 


Some of the combinations above are parasitic in nature and consequently dangerous despite the temporary ecstasy they are capable of generating.  



Also be aware that offspring can result from some of these combinations. Humans are genetically compatible with a surprising number of unknown or little-known species. 




Is This Entity Dangerous?


Deviant Entities 

Some spirits can be crafty and extremely devious. An example is the Ecuadorian dwarf known as the Tintin. This character favours damsels with long, plentiful hair and in order to try and seduce them he plays a guitar outside the chosen lady's window at night. 


Naturally some of these women for their sanity's sake give in to his advances in the hopes of stopping him from making a perfectly dreadful racket all night long.





Naked Chickens 

There are even amorous spirits who reportedly take the form of featherless chickens, but Dame Wotta Tripp has to wonder how many women are attracted to bald chickens when they aren't actually preparing them for supper in the kitchen, and she fails to see how this ploy would work on very many of them, unless these denuded chickens also happen to play the bagpipes all through the night.  


Still other spirits are supposed to exude a strange poison through their skin that will make any woman unlucky enough to encounter them not only heavily attracted, but also addicted to them, so that in the end they all invariably pine away and die of broken hearts. 


It is true that some people of a more neurotic nature need to get new and engrossing hobbies and interests that will leave them with little time left for such toxic dalliances.




Is My Lover A Demon?


Is my Lover A Demon, Wotta Tripp? 

Goodness gracious, I should hope not! It's highly unlikely, unless you've been up to something very distasteful or have recently placed a personal advert in entirely the wrong place. 


But it could much more easily be a djinn! Does this amorous invisible creature talk loudly to you all night? Does it whistle a lot? Do you hear the sounds of heavy, taxed breathing along with things being thrown around the room? 


If this isn't being caused by your drunken or bad-tempered spouse, it may well be a frustrated djinn that has grown fractious and tired of waiting for its affections to be returned. 


They have been known to become overly affectionate with humans, and can consequently be difficult to dislodge. You will find a djinn-removal service offered in the 'Spells & Magical Services' section of this website.





My Church Won't Like It 

Dame Wotta Tripp sincerely hopes that you won't be inviting your church, or church representative, to join you in your saucy frolics. 


Doesn't Like It At All!


But don't worry, because this means that they will never know if they would have liked it or not.  


The Catholic church, just for one instance, always strenuously denied the possibility of otherworldly relationships while at the very same time issuing harsh warnings against succubi and incubi, the amorous roaming spirits said to seduce Earthly men and women in the night.


One cannot have it both ways and still be taken seriously. 






 Your Silver Cord 

Your astral (or subtle) body is connected to your physical body by something known as 'the silver cord'.  This vibrant cord remains connected to you for the entirety of your physical life.  


The Silver Cord


At the point of physical death it is severed, and your consciousness transfers completely to your subtle bodies, one of which is the astral body. 


Through your astral body you can experience and do things that are impossible when in the physical, such as flying, breathing underwater, time traveling and teleporting. 


You do not have to wait until you are dead to experience all of this. Each night as you sleep your consciousness transfers to your astral body, and off you all go, like firefly's swarming. 



You might as well learn to do this consciously and take control of all of your life properly before you kick the Earthly bucket. You were built to be multidimensional. 


Until you do fall heavily from your perch with a resounding thud you will be firmly connected, your astral and your physical bodies one to another, by the aforementioned silver cord. 


This attachment is a pulsating, silvery cord created of an energetic etheric material. If you were a computer (which you are, partly, in a way) then your silver cord would be your internet cable, your hook-up to otherworldly hook-ups, and so much more. 


This cord is elastic in quality, allowing you to travel virtually anywhere when out of your body. It cannot be accidently or deliberately severed. You will not find yourself either dead, unable to get back in your body or with a severed cord. 


Information is continually relayed back and forth along this cord, and while you are sleeping this information certainly does influence your dreams. 


It's important to remember that your dreams are rarely completely accurate renditions of your experiences as they are first filtered by your subconscious and then re-written, like the evening news.




Out of this WorldOut-of-This World Romance 

Before beginning a sexual relationship you should get to know your potential lover and take the time to for a proper romance, allowing feelings of affection to bloom naturally. Who knows, it could lead to a great love. 


It's perfectly possible to carry out a genuine courtship with a lover from another world. 


If you take the time to create a mutually fulfilling relationship then your subsequent sexual experiences will be intense and sublime -  about a dozen times more so than when you are with a physical lover. 



It will be deliciously well worth your effort. You will experience a true melding of mind, body and spirit followed by an oceanic peace and a calm fulfillment.




Out-of-This World Sex 

Now we have got all of that out of the way, we will move on and discuss some of the processes involved in astral sex. 


If you want to engage in astral sex, first you must understand that you will ultimately be experiencing it as an energy exchange between chakras that results in full-body orgasmic spasms. 


When a sexual experience of this nature is initiated the base chakras are powerfully drawn together as if by super-magnets, and a feed-back loop is formed. 


Depending on whether you are taking the female or male lead role in the encounter one of two things is likely to happen: 


1.   A female initiator will find a large tube, similar to a vagina, extruding energetically from her body. It will then completely engulf her lover. This initiates a body-wide experience of warm and throbbing eroticism unlike anything felt on Earth. This sensational energy causes a full-body orgasm with energy pulsations engaging each chakra. 

2.   A male initiator will discover he is growing the kind of frightfully large penile extension that is bragged about on Earth yet remains an urban legend. He will then enter his partners body, flowing like warm treacle to completely fill it. This massive penis can strike from a distance. Orgasm takes place in the same way described in item1. 


The interesting thing is that an orgasm experienced in the astral can initiate an orgasm in the physical body, transmitted via the silver cord and resulting in dampened dreams. 


Although the microcosm and macrocosm do tend to mirror each other, Wotta Tripp feels that the idea amongst some thinkers that sexual conditions in the astral planes lend credence to the Big Bang theory is misleading and incorrect.




Things to Watch Out For 

If you do conduct your affair in the astral there are a few points listed below that you should probably bear in mind regarding specific situations : 


·       There are astral constructs littered all over the place. These are facsimiles of people which are created mentally, sometimes for practice and sometimes to send off and do little jobs. Wotta Tripp will say no more. They are not alive. Try not to have sex with them. 

·       Experiencing an orgasm while you are in your astral body will cut your journey short and you will return very suddenly to your physical body and probably wake up as well. 

·       Until you learn how to control your energy in the astral you run the risk of impinging upon others. This can lead to sex by accident




Accidental SexSex by Accident 

This sounds most strange and yet it happens all the time with 'beginners'. How silly we are until we have 'found' our astral legs! 


If you fail to control your sexual impulses and fantasies you will soon see that your thoughts are largely telepathic and that they affect and impinge on those around you very much. 


The astral is an extremely sensitive environment on which to impress your thoughts. If you are in a crowded spot you might find yourself moving right through other people. 


If you are in an aroused state when you take this action, by bringing your erotically charged chakras into contact with someone else's you can initiate a sexual encounter that can be consummated in seconds, resulting in involuntary orgasm for both parties. 



This is not polite and not only that, it can cause quite a shock to the two (or more) entities involved. Even though nobody gets hurt, or usually even remembers, you should control your thoughts, leave plenty of room around you and navigate politely without indulging in personal sexual assessments of people. 


Don't mix up extremely powerful energies when you have no idea how to control them.




The Emotional Benefits of an Otherworldly Affair 

It's gratifying to know that you can have a sincere and loving life-time relationship with someone in which you will never have to pick up dirty clothes, deal with the toothpaste lid being left off , help drunks to bed or slap each other silly in senseless Earthly arguments. 


Your astral lover could be someone that you already know, perhaps have even had a relationship with in a past life. Love, romance and alliances do sometimes remain strong from life to life, and in-between them as well.




Don't Get Carried Away!


Astral Sex Can Interfere with Other Activities 

If you indulge in a lot of astral sex with little control or restraint, or if you attempt to molest people, it will eventually take its toll on you.  


A lot depends on your motives and intentions towards others. If your selfish or intrusive behaviour marks you as an old-fashioned sex maniac, then you can expect that as your personal rate of vibration drops accordingly you will no longer be able to access the - shall we say - nicer realms. 




The thing is, you will find that you have difficulty if you do not manage to control your sexual urges, which are a lot stronger in the astral worlds. 


However attractive slumming it in the lower astral seems to be at first, after a while Wotta Tripp assures you that you will end up being sorry in oh-so-many ways. 


There are astral vampires, shape-shifting monsters and all manner of strange beasties in the murky areas. You won't want to lure any of them home with you. 


You should also understand that consummating a sexual act in the astral will propel you back into your physical body, ending your out-of-body projection and making sure there is no time for romance or anything else. 


As you arrive back, your physical body could well be having an orgasmic experience also, as the astral one is transmitted back to you along the silver cord, which by now probably has a little red light flashing on it. 


But remember, the idea is to acquire a lover, not to go crazy having casual sex all over the astral planes. 


Sexual energy is supposed to be shared in a caring and honest way, releasing transformative and healing energies that benefit all parties.  


It leads to ecstatic energy exchanges that knock the little cotton socks off plain, ordinary physical genital orgasms. 




Ever Searching


How To Find an Astral Lover 

This is a little bit different from finding an Earthly lover and you can't really place an advert with an Earth dating agency, but there are other ways of advertising your desires.  


There have always been points of contact between embodied humans and Otherworldly beings, and millions of interactions and exchanges have occurred over many thousands of years. 


The good news is, you don't necessarily have to be able to astral project to get an Otherworldly paramour.  


All the same, pursuing the ability of astral projection can only aid you in your efforts. 





Lucid dreaming, however, is something you will need to learn. It can only enhance your romantic aspirations, as well as considerably enlarging the playing field for you, as it were. 


It's surprisingly easy to dream lucidly once you know what to do, and it will genuinely give you two worlds to live in instead of just one. Here are some tips to help you to get started: 


·       Research the subject of lucid dreaming thoroughly for yourself. There are many sources of information online and numerous books on the subject. 

·       Determine to learn how to dream lucidly as soon as possible. Consider learning to astral project as well. 

·       Write down your expectations regarding an Otherworldly liaison to clarify things in your mind. Also write down what you believe you have to give. What things are you looking for in a lover? This will be revealing, because the things you are seeking are really a reflection of your innermost self

·       Keep a journal of your dreams and sexual experiences so that you can begin to understand yourself better. The word 'journal' is related to the word 'journey'. Keeping a written record in your own handwriting will help to reveal and clarify all types of sexual issues as you travel orgasmically along on the journey that is your life. 


Dame Wotta Tripp will now give you certain information that will prove useful in drawing a dream lover into your life! 


Be respectful when you think of the type of dream-lover you would like to meet, and continue to be so later when you finally interact with a dream lover in reality. 


Watch for a response coming through a dream. If you see the face of your lover-to-be, you will know who to visualize when you want to initialize proper contact. 






Pendulum Contact 

This is a simple and safe way to contact potential partners who are presently residing in other-dimensional realities. 


Anybody can learn how to use a pendulum to their advantage. Although some people are particularly gifted in its use, it can be taught to people of any age. There are many good books and articles on the subject, with plenty of free information available on the internet. 



A pendulum is merely a weighted, evenly balanced object that is suspended from a chain so that it can swing freely. Purchase a nice pendulum, or make one yourself using found objects. 


Research online and learn the simple procedures for eliciting 'yes/no' and 'I don't know' responses to guide you to your future lover. 


A pendulum can also be used with home-made charts. Add dowsing to your skills and get practicing. Be creative. 




Learn to Visualize



One of the most important skills on any persons list of accomplishments is the ability to conceive, plan and visualize what you want to get out of your life, and then set about creating it. 


Picture yourself enjoying time with a dream lover. It's fine if you visualize qualities and attributes which you desire. The plan is to draw those things into your life by acting and feeling as if you already have them. 




This should be a relaxed exercise. Treat it like a game (which at its most basic level it is), and do it without feeling any anxiety or deep need, because these energies will serve to push what you want away from you, quantumly speaking. 


Every night before you fall asleep, visualize your happy relationship with your dream lover. Try to imagine and make real the feelings of joy, love, ecstasy, sexual fulfillment and companionship that will be yours in the exciting new relationship that could be winging its way towards you, maybe at this very moment, as you open yourself up to the idea of brand new love possibilities. 




Write to a Dream Lover


Dream Love Letter Spell

Sit down at a table or desk with some writing paper before you. Make it a nice quality of paper if you can. Use your finest handwriting and a pen with wet, colored ink. 


Felt pens are inexpensive and good for this task, and you should use pink, green, red or purple ink. A combination of these colours is also fine. 


Begin your letter:  

"Dear Dream Lover,  

I do not know you yet, but I have prepared a place for you in my inner heart. I welcome you into my life." 



Continue writing for as long as you please, as though you were contacting someone that you're really excited to meet and get to know. Explain what it is that you are seeking and specify the type of relationship you would like to have. 


After this, put in the letter anything you want to share. You may write intimate details if you wish to. Share private thoughts and longings, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears for the future. Put some art work or little drawings and decorations in it if you feel like it.  


Add whatever your inner feelings guide you to put in your letter, because it is for your future dream lover. 


Favourite Perfumes


Anoint your letter with a little of your favourite

perfume or aftershave. Sign the letter with your name and seal it with a kiss. 


Fold your letter, place it in a nice envelope and then seal the envelope. Inscribe upon the envelope 'My Dream Lover'


Place the finished letter somewhere that is dark, safe and clean and keep your letter until the night before the next full moon.






Meanwhile, gather the following items: 


·      1 light grey or silver candle. 

·      1 violet or purple candle. 

·      1 pink or green candle (do not use red). 

·      A sharp tool for inscribing the candles with. 

·      Rose or gardenia incense. 

·      Gardenia oil. 

·      Fresh flowers, if desired. 

·      A safe, clean container for burning paper in & a lighter. 

·      A good-sized piece of paper or card with the image of a large heart on it in red. You can make it yourself.


Next, select a table or other flat surface with plenty of room. Make sure it's clean and has nothing else on it. If you have a pink or green cloth you can put it on the table. 


Take your three candles and inscribe them in the following ways with your sharp tool: 


·      Silver/grey - Link (inscribe your name here) to the astral plains 

·      Violet/purple - My Intent 

·      Green/pink - My Dream Lover 



Set up the following items, facing to the west: 


Paper HeartsPlace the paper with the heart on it in the middle of the table. Make sure you have 3 candleholders for your candles, preferably all the same. 


Have your lighter and burning container out ready. Put your letter to your future Dream Lover on the table next to it. Set up your incense in a safe holder on the table, off to one side. 



If you want to you can have a plant or vase of fresh flowers on the table away from the candle area, but they should plants that are connected with love. You are always safe with roses. 




Anoint your 3 candles from the top down with the gardenia oil. 


Now place your three candles in holders around the heart in the following way: At the bottom of the heart, place the grey or silver candle. At the top, on the left side, place the green or pink candle. At the top, on the right, place the violet or purple candle. 


Light your incense first. Next, light your candles in turn, reciting the following rhymes as you do so: 



·      Silver/grey -  "Link me to the astral sea, as you burn so must it be." 

·      Violet/purple - "My Intent brings love to me, sweeter than the summer honey." 

·      Green/pink - "As I now stir the astral sea, bring my dream lover swift to me." 



Burn Your Love Letter


Next, take your letter and light it from the flame of the silver or grey candle. Place it in your container and allow it to burn out completely. Now recite: 


"My wish is done, the spell set free 

My will be done, bring love to me" 







The dream lover spell is done, but you must allow the candles to burn down completely and not put them out, or the spell will not work.


Make sure they are in a safe place where no children, animals or arsonists can get at them. 


If your letter or the candles cause a fire, the spell will not work.


When you are successful, as you surely will be, you must write to Dame Wotta Tripp and let her know about your fascinating Otherworldly love experiences.






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