The Gift Of Human Ecstacy



The Gift of Ecstasy  

Orgasms are a wonderful gift, and almost everyone knows what they feel like. For those that don't, please try and catch up. 


But what is an orgasm, really? And what is it for? 


We certainly are entitled to know and discover the facts about our own sexuality, free of social constraints and religious or 'moral' meddling. 






Ogasmic Energy Can Be Like FireworksThe Orgasm 

Orgasms are experienced by men, women and others. At a physiological level, an orgasm occurs when there is a discharge of the sexual tension that has built up as a result of sexual stimulation.  


This involves involuntary muscular contractions in the pelvic region accompanied by what are generally considered to be the most pleasurable physical sensations available for experience on the planet. 




It's Like Being Electrocuted


While in this state there is often a feeling of euphoria and a partial loss of control marked by spasms in different parts of the body. 


It's a bit like being pleasantly electrocuted. 




Disconnect Strange Phone Calls



At the same time a change in heart rate and blood pressure is experienced, along with changes in breathing rates, which become faster and heavier, as many unfortunate women have discovered after receiving peculiar phone calls. 





Beware Of Foot Cramps


There is an increase in blood flow (vasocongestion), particularly to the genital area and other erogenous zones. Upon release of tension the borrowed blood ebbs back to the rest of the body, where it more properly belongs.  


Other physiological responses can include the curling of

toes, occasionally prompting a love-partner's leaping from the bed shrieking wildly in the throes of orgasmic foot-cramps.  






Other Responses 

The other most familiar response to orgasm is the incredible range of aberrantly loud and deviant noises that people across this planet willfully make.  


People From Other Planets Tune In Every Weekend


People from certain other planets regularly 'tune in' on Friday and Saturday nights to the holographic reality shows that are beamed in by specialized equipment straight from Earth people's homes, unbeknownst to the occupants. 


Immersed in what amounts to a smorgasbord of comedy that includes but is not confined to close-ups of human mating activities, although these extraterrestrial persons will claim through their tears of laughter that they are really watching 'educational' documentaries, Wotta Tripp knows better.  



Not Paying Attention


Those in the 'moan zone' rarely notice fires, robberies and other small emergencies happening around them, let alone 4th dimensional holographic-video relay devices (holovids) used by off-planet peeping-toms. 


The understanding people have regarding the orgasm varies considerably. The truth is, clinically speaking, nobody really knows what an orgasm precisely, exactly and definitively is. This is proven by the fact that there are 26 different definitions existing for the 'Big O'. 


Most people are familiar with at least some of the many different types of sexual stimulation that exist in the world we are living in, and they constantly and avidly seek endless exposure to more. 




The Role The Brain Plays In Sex 


The Role of the Sexy Brain

The word brain isn't remotely sexy, and the organ itself is not attractive as an item, but it is key to all your sexual experiences. 


Impulses are transmitted via nerves up the spinal cord to the brain. It's complex, and even within the genitals there are separate sets of nerves transmitting differently.  





The vagus nerve is the exception as it bypasses the spinal cord, sometimes allowing for sexual activities among people with severe spinal injuries who otherwise would feel nothing.  


Your Party Planner Will Take You To Your Orgy



Orgies within this group are generally precluded unless a lot of attendants are present, and so people with certain disabilities who would otherwise enjoy group sex feel constrained amd unable to particiate.


If however you belong to this minority group and you are one of those people who are determined to live life normally, then by all means contact a party planner and arrange for an orgy with like-minded individuals.  Don't forget to have adequate helpers to place people in their desired positions.





The Brain Lights Up With Its Own Fairy Lights



The brain, upon receiving all this information via many thousands of nerve endings all screaming a similar tune, lights up the 'pleasure center' of the brain like a Christmas tree, creating the 'reward circuit', which regulates the pleasurable feelings associated with sexual activity, drug use and laughing at other people. 





Dopamine, beta-endorphins, vasopressin and oxytocin are released from different areas of the brain (such as the amygdala and the pituitary gland), flooding the body and rewarding the brain's owner with something that feels exceptionally good and which between them increase feelings of pleasure, bonding and unfortunately, trust in the unwary victim. 


You Are Drugged During An Orgasm


It's clear that people have their own little internal meth-labs going on, and that the wily brain is determined to help each individual enjoy things as much as possible, while drastically increasing the risk of addictions and behaviours displaying poor judgement. 


In fact it has been discovered that the orgasmic brain looks 95% similar to the brain of somebody high on heroin. 


How colourful life is, and how marvellously complex! 



There are some differences between the male and female brain, but not many, and anyway not nearly enough to explain the radical behavioural inconsistencies between men and women. 



Lots Of Ladies Have Always Known About The 'G-Spot'


The Fabled G-Spot

Is it real?


Those ladies who have found theirs, or who have had it found for them, claim that it is, and of course they are correct. 


It's no secret, really.


Despite all the fuss and hot air that has been generated about the elusive G-spot in recent years by the ever-hungry media, it's been know about in cultures around the world for centuries. 



It didn't just appear and start being a sensitive area when a gynaecologist 'found' it. The G-spot (Gräfenberg-spot ) is disturbingly named after this pioneering doctor, as though he had discovered a new land or was the first person to climb and conquer a feared mountain.  


Dame Wotta Tripp believes it's a good job he didn't attempt to plant a little flag in the area, which would have been most uncomfortable and might have required some poor lady doing him some painful and permanent injury. 



Sometimes There Are Problems To Sort Out



Potential Problems 

Sex by no means affects everybody in the same way. There can be physical and emotional problems hanging limply in-between you and satisfaction.  


It's always wise to work on any emotional problems you may be having that are keeping you from the bliss you deserve. You do deserve it. Don't you? 


If you don't, or might not deserve bliss, then please visit 'The Confessional' on this site. 





Laughing Uncontrollably 

Some people of a more nervous and eccentric disposition, and with perhaps a disorder or two, routinely laugh manically during acts of intimacy.  


Others dissolve into helpless tears, prompting alarmed concern and no little irritation in even experienced lovers. 


These people do not know how to handle the powful sexual energy running rampant around their bodies.  


Laughing Like A Hyena


Laughing helplessly and uncontrollably like a rabid hyena through your own (and somebody else's) orgasm and losing control of all your muscles at once is perhaps startling and libido-reducing for your partner, but what can anyone do about it?  


It is what it is. These are the incidents that make life colourful, giving it extra breadth and texture, not to mention being an ongoing source of wild amusement for intimate friends and neighbours. 


Diversity is key to life. 





But Isn't There More to It? 

It's easy to go online and research what an orgasm is, along with the many different ways to achieve, prolong and enhance them. 


Dame Wotta encourages all seekers after pleasure and biological information to avail themselves of all this readily available and startling free educational material. 


A Love Potion


With so many strange and disturbing devices, lotions, potions and positions (which can leave out-of-shape lovers seriously intertwangled), there is no lack of sex-associated products, information and advice available for the sincere experimenter. 


Yet still people everywhere seek more, and they spend a lot of time and money pursuing bigger, better and more mind-blowing orgasmic experiences. 


But could it be that we are all seeking something else, as well? 



Are we in fact hunting a hidden dimension of sexuality, one that can't be experienced through, bigger, better or more physical accessories? 


What Do People Really Want?



What is it that people really want to surrender to?





What Causes An Orgasm?

 Not Just a Physical Process 

We have examined the physical process of the orgasm, but to those who sense that there is more, they would like to know what that amazing orgasmic energy really is.  

Of course we know about the brain, nerves and other physical components by which we experience pleasure and pain, but they are like a computer program running a building with electrical wiring and fuse boxes.  



What is that liquid fire that runs through us, causing us paroxysms of ecstasy, or at least, a twitch or two? 


Kundalini Energy Is Like Liquid Fire



It's very important that people know about Kundalini energy and its meaning in everyone's life, because this is the liquid fire responsible for their orgasms and so very much more


Every living creature has Kundalini energy pulsating through them. There would be no life without it. 




Q:  What is Kundalini? 

A: It is the living, creative, intelligent and  conscious force of Life itself and a  portion of it is allotted to all living creatures. 



Kundalini  is a Sanskrit word and it means 'circular power' or 'coiled'. Depicted traditionally as a coiled serpent 'sleeping' at the base of the spine, when Kundalini forces are fully and naturally awakened, they lead to many positive and seemingly miraculous life-changing experiences. 



Be Careful Not To Awaken The Kundalini Serpent In The Wrong Way!


When 'forced' awake with unnatural practices or

accidently suddenly awakened by certain types of drug use, trauma or even occasionally by sexual experiences, the results can be totally devastating to a person's life. 




Fortunately for most people this never occurs and they don't have to deal with the tremendous, even potentially lethal, fallout that can occur.  


When awakened properly it rises along the spine to the top of the head, where the crown chakra is, illuminating as it flows and bringing with it sacred bliss. 


Even when it lies coiled still unawakened around the base chakra, in the equivalent area to the perineum on the human body. it releases enough life-force energy automatically to keep us alive. If it's flowing smoothly and meeting no energy blockages in your energy system you will be enjoying vital health and emotional balance. 


It brings bliss, knowledge and understanding, and it performs together with the evolutionary forces at work in all of us via our DNA. 


When we experience an orgasm, we are really experiencing a mini-explosion of Kundalini energy.  


The Universe Expresses Bliss Through Diversified Life


We are deliberately designed in a way which allows us to process pleasurable stimulation to the point where a blissful release of the universes life-force, the gift of Kundalini, explodes within us, leaving us fulfilled and content - temporarily. 


This astounding energy can do much, much more than this, bringing healing, enlightenment and life-enhancing gifts into the lives of those who take the time to learn about the energy systems of the physical body as well as how to work with the amazing power of Kundalini. 




To find out more, read Dame Wotta Tripp's articles 'How to Have Amazing Orgasms' and 'Tantric Sex'. 



  Some Search For Sexual Freedom




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