So Wotta Tripp, What is Tantric Sex? 

Everyone's heard of it, but few people know what it is. This is a pity, because its use would improve almost everyone's sex life. 



It originally referred to an ancient Indian spiritual tradition of enlightened sexual practices and the word tantra  means different things, but its earliest meaning is linked to the loom, a device for weaving. 


A tantra is technically a set of illuminating and potentially life-changing spiritual teachings that are perceived as having been received from a divine source. 



It is both an art developed and refined in the distant past and at the same time it is the future of enlightened sex between two advancing souls. 


Tantra was probably already established by the 5th century CE. A reference to Tantra first appears in the Hindu Rigveda text, but the discipline influenced several different religions, including the Hindu, Sikh and Jain as well as the Buddhist tradition, through which it spread to different parts of Asia. 




The Art of Love is Ancient


Kundalini - The Energy of Bliss

The correct concept that the life-force that circulates in our bodies (Kundalini  energy) is the self-same eternal, intelligent, omnipotent and omnipresent divine energy that underpins the entire Cosmos and relates to our understanding of God is at the heart of all Tantric disciplines, and relates to the knowledge of and control of these energies that are personalized within us all. 


Kundalini is stored in the body area that equates to the perineum, which is close to the genitalia and also roughly in the location of the base chakra, the major energy center for the all that procreative tackle most people carry around with them.  





Small amounts are released for our normal bodily functioning, but this massive reservoir of Divine Cosmic Energy for the main part lies coiled like a sleeping snake of fire at the base of the spine, inert. 



Kundalini lies coiled at the base of the spine like a sleeping serpent


Kundalini Rising

If Kundalini rises at the correct time and in the correct way it can bring about bliss, enlightenment and spiritual evolution for the individual. 


If it is awoken accidently before a person is ready, through such causes as trauma or the use of certain drugs, it can lead to many physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties. It is not an energy to play with. 



This Kundalini energy is not just related to your sexuality and procreation, but is the same force on which your body runs, and it is also the energy behind all of our creative endeavours on Earth.



Love Exists EverywhereKundalini is the energy source that the body uses to heal and repair itself with. Animals and plants, all life in fact, runs on this wonderful substance.


It is life itself!


Using the correct techniques it is perfectly possible to work with this life-force energy to transform both your everyday and your sexual life.  



The Cosmos we exist within is a sexual place, and all life is based on standing waves, flows, impulses, explosions and implosions of energy. 




Blissful Tantric Energy


Neotantra - Tantra in the West 

Today in the Western world Tantric sexual practices are not quite the same as the ones that took (and take) place as a spiritual discipline in the East, but they are fortunately accessible to us and do not require a guru, such as Sri Wotta Tripp, to be there by your side, which well might prove embarrassing to you or your partner anyway. 


Modern Tantric practice is frequently referred to as  'Neotantra'. For our purposes, and out of respect for the original discipline, we will be dealing here with Neotantra. 


This is the Western spiritual path to better sex and intimacy. Does that sound boring? It isn't about temples or churches.




It's actually a way to learn how to experience the most fantastic sexual experiences you could ever imagine.  


Like many of the best things in life, a little effort is needed to discover how tantric sex as we understand it in the West, works, and then put it into practice. 



Learn Properly


Where Can I Learn Tantric Sex Properly, Wotta? 

Tantra is obviously not a subject that can be dealt with in one article, and although Dame Wotta Tripp will deliver some Tantric tips, if you are truly interested there is a lot of information on the internet, and countless educational books as well as videos available for study and learning tantric exercises at home. 


You can also take a Tantra course with a teacher, either alone, with your partner or in a group. This is the very best way to learn. Most urban areas now have Tantra courses on offer. You will discover that teachers of Tantra consider sexuality, like all acts of creativity, to be sacred, because Kundalini energy is sacred - it's your life-force.  


If it were suddenly withdrawn, your body would fall to the ground, quite dead. 




What You Need to Know to Begin - Just Say Yes! 

Do you want more intimacy, excitement, love and ecstasy? It's all good for you, so you might as well just say yes. This is about bliss and utter joy. 


Tantra employs archaic techniques of sexual ecstasy the results of which are very healing and balancing for body, mind and spirit. 


Passion and Love


This sexual Kundalini energy is activated by exercises which employ breathing techniques, sounds and movements, among other things, causing it to flow more strongly and bringing with it bliss and untold other benefits, including an appreciation of 'Unconditional Love'


When these methods are initiated with a partner, incredibly powerful and expansive energies begin to flow between the couple. 




These forces are energizing and liberating. What's more, you will find yourself loving all life with a greater intensity, as well as having gratitude for everything there is. 


Being grateful does not mean praying on your knees and saying thank you over and over again. Dame Wotta Tripp receives letters like this all the time, and it is gratifying to be so appreciated by the many she has helped along their sacred path in one way or another. 


True gratitude involves becoming aware, appreciating and being thankful for all life and what it has to offer, while loving and nurturing it and each other at every given opportunity. 




You Can Learn To Feel And Direct Your Energy


Can You Feel It?

Transfer your consciousness to your sexual center.


Beware if you are at work. For those of you with no sexual experience, this center is in the same area as your genitalia, which thankfully do not need to be exposed for this exercise. 


There is an energy center, called a chakra, located there, and it spins. Energy can enter and exit from this chakra.



When you feel a sexual impulse, Kundalini energy is moving through this center. 


The base chakra is just one of seven major chakras that run in a vertical line up your body from the genitals to the top of your head. Many other smaller chakras are located in and around your physical body. You can learn about the chakras from countless sources. 


Cause The Energy To Move Around




Transfer your attention to the base chakra and see if you can feel, or cause, the energy there to move around a bit.


One way of creating an energy flow is to contract the muscles of your behind repeatedly.  






Not In Public!


Do not do this while standing on the bus or in a line-up. It is entirely visible to people who may be behind you, and they will think either that you are a pervert or trying to either prevent or cause a public bowel movement. 


This is a sizzling. electrical energy that has to be cultivated, like a growing plant, but not while out and about. 


The energy can be cycled between you and your partner, used alone for bliss and balance or sent out to energize other situations positively. 





Divine Sexuality


Divine Sexuality 

You and your partner are interested in exploring Tantra together. What should you both do first to practise a transformation of your sacred energies? 


How do you learn to raise and channel this energy? It can be accomplished by using your breath. 


Lovemaking in this way leads to a blissful merging of your energy with that of your partner's. In this ecstatic state you feel as though you were one with your lover and the entire universe.  


You can start right away! It's empowering for both men and women, anxiety-relieving and helps to alleviate low self-esteem. 





This is the key to circulating energy properly and achieving more intense orgasms and a much higher degree of intimacy.  


People generally tend to stop breathing correctly not too long after birth. Stresses, shocks and negative emotions prompt shallow breathing from high up in the chest as well as the holding in of the breath. 


They Never Knew About Tantra


Shallow breathing protects us from strong emotion, but it also stops us from feeling deeply or being able to access ecstasy as we are each supposed to. 


Try breathing from deeper within your body, as if the breath were actually coming from your genitals. Breathe as smoothly and as deeply as you can, in through your nostrils and out though your mouth. 


You can cycle breath through your chakras. As you are breathing visualize your sacred breath going to each of the chakras in turn so that you can get used to the feeling. 



You will find that to your surprise you can actually feel your breath in any part of your body that you choose to. Get used to breathing in this way so that you can direct breath wherever you want during your tantric experiences. 


The following simple breathing exercise can be done alone, face to face with your Tantric partner or even back to back if you prefer it. 




You can be naked or clothed, but if you choose to wear something, let it be loose-fitting and made of a natural fabric, such as cotton, hemp or silk. A kaftan is an excellent choice. 


Inhale deeply into your lower chest and belly so that the belly area itself expands outwards, somewhat in the manner in which Buddhas are traditionally portrayed. 


Hold this breath (belly to belly with your partner if facing them), for five seconds and then slowly expel the breath completely. Repeat this exercise for as long as you desire, within reason. 




An overload of energy can occur when you're not used to doing this type of breathing. It isn't very pleasant and if you are serious about pursuing Neotantra you would be wise to take a class from someone who is experienced. 




Yin Yang SymbolYummy 'Yab Yum' 

The traditional basic position for Tantric lovemaking is known as 'Yab Yum'. It is a representation of 'the union of opposites' as symbolized in the Chinese yin yang symbol. 


If you are agile enough, this is how you attempt it:  




·      The man (in gay relationships, this is a matter of preference) sits on the ground cross-legged. The woman then straddles him, sitting in his lap and wrapping her legs around the man. This way the couple have their legs wrapped around each other. Do not get muscle cramps and become stuck like this. Perhaps a massage first, as directed in the Tantric Massage section, will help make sure this doesn't happen to you. Sexual union can take place, but it doesn't have to. It is the best way to enjoy Tantric closeness because of the eye contact that takes place face-to-face. 

·      Be aware of your unconditional love, respect and tenderness for your lover. If it isn't there, perhaps you should politely get up. 

·      Look deeply into each other's eyes. This is important and there is a very good reason for this action. The eyes are portals. Tantric eye-gazing increases intimacy, and is a very powerful way of connecting with another person. People who are in love do it naturally all the time. This type of interaction takes place at a soul level. Stare into your partners left eye mainly if they are right-handed, otherwise reverse it. Try not to look like a constipated  cheetah. The eyes emit an energy that although usually invisible is real and extremely potent. You will feel the energy very powerfully, and it might bring up some equally powerful emotions. Allow them to pass through you. Try and breathe in tandem with your partner while you do this. It will amplify the experience, and this exercise alone can bring waves of bliss with practice. Note:  Tantric eye gazing can be done alone with a mirror if you don't have a partner. 

·      Breathe  as directed in the previous section. You can actually send your breath to your partner so that they can cycle it through their own chakras and then return it to you. With each successive cycling the breath is further energized and potentized, cleansing the chakras and encouraging the correct spin for balance, relaxation, energizing and bliss. During Tantric sex, energy is circulated throughout the body and consequently it is not all centered in the genital area. As you breathe, gaze deeply into each other's eyes as described above.  




Everyone Wants To Experience True Intimacy



Deep down, most people desire intimacy, trust and unconditional love.


There is no better way on Earth to enter into true intimacy with another person than to practice Tantra together.


It's a true gift which will permanently strengthen the bond between two people.  


You will finally find true satisfaction when tantrums are replaced with Tantra. 







Transform Love Into A Fairy-Tale Experience


Naming Your Private Parts

The names you select for identifying the genitals are very much a personal issue, but people taking up Tantra frequently select new names to describe the male and female organs of generation.  


This is almost like a fresh start, allowing you to begin a new chapter in exploring your sexuality.


You might soar to brand new heights, experiencing bliss in a way that will seem to you like a fairy-tale come true!







The Sanskrit terms are as follows: 

·      Female: Vagina = Yoni

·      Male: Penis = Lingam


Wotta Tripp also favours the following terms: 


·      Female: Vagina = Jewel Gate (Japanese)

·      Male: Penis = Jade Flute (Chinese)



Sparkly  Shiny


This is because she enjoys sparkly, shiny things.







Experience Tantric Massage


Tantric Massage 

A wonderful and intimate treat, a full-body massage is an experience to be savoured and enjoyed. It can actually bring a person to new sexual heights, and can lead them to a state of sexual ecstasy while relieving frustration. 


It is a healthful, sensual and energizing exercise, raising your personal frequency to a higher energetic level and encouraging healing. The Kundalini energy can often begin to rise during a proper tantric massage. 




Learn How To Give Your Lover A Proper Massage


Find a practitioner close to where you live and book an appointment. Many people who give this type of massage therapy cater to couples. 


Learn Tantric massage yourself. If you take a course in tantric massage alone or with your partner it will add an  incredible depth of blissful experience to your erotic sessions. 






Tantra and the Orgasm 

Most people believe that orgasm is the final goal of any sexual encounter, and for men this means an ejaculatory Big O with an emphasis on genital release. 



Two Moths Procreating


For this release to occur there must first be a

very large build-up of sexual tension caused by breathing, movement and expectation. 


What you are really feeling is the stirring of the Kundalini sex energy that is coiled dozing at the base of your spine but is now tossing around a little bit in its sleep as you enjoy your sexual experience.


This is a genital orgasm. 




You are probably very used to having genital orgasms and the likelihood is that you believe they are the only kind available. 


But what if Wotta told you that there existed orgasms that have nothing at all to do with the genitalia? 





You Can Experience An Orgasm AnywhereOrgasms in Unusual Places. 

By 'orgasms in unusual places' Dame Wotta Tripp does not mean the startling and misbegotten escapades you all get up to in public. Tantric exercises should always be conducted in private. 


What is being referred to is the ability to experience an orgasm in any area of the body at all


The key to understanding how this can happen is knowing how Kundalini works within the body.  



When you work with Tantra properly it helps to unblock stagnant energy in the body and the chakras. This allows the Kundalini force to rise and begin to flow upwards unimpeded by stale, heavy and sticky old energy. 


It rises through an energetic channel called the 'shushumna'  in Sanskrit. There is no Western equivalent of the word, but it is also known as 'the hollow flute'


As the Kundalini fire-serpent ascends it opens the chakras, and once it has moved through the heart chakra we are able to experience love and bliss much more readily. 



Bliss And At-One-Ment


Eventually it rises all the way to the crown chakra at the top of the head, bringing ecstasy, enlightenment and oneness with all of life. 


But long before that happens you will be able to experience blissful orgasms and intimate, satisfying experiences with your tantric partner. 


People have reported experiencing orgasms in many separate parts of the body, such as the hands, feet and breasts, but it is possible to experience an orgasm anywhere at all in your body. 





Wherever Kundalini flows in and out of the hundreds of smaller energy centers and chakras located all over you, it is technically possible to orgasm.  


Without Kundalini energy there would be no orgasmic feelings, and the muscle tension followed by the release we experience as an orgasm would not exist. 




Would You Like A Full-Body Orgasm?Full-Body Orgasms

The term full-body orgasm, or the 'expanded orgasm' as it is sometimes called, refers to the orgasm that truly is the 'Big O' that many people dream of.  


These intense orgasms extend throughout the entire body and feature waves of bliss that envelop all of you and include such physiological characteristics as orgasmic muscle contractions over the entire body, including the genitals. 



What's more, they can extend anywhere from minutes to hours in length. These incredible super-orgasms are frequently accompanied by bliss, altered or heightened states of awareness, deep emotional release and spiritual experiences. 


People report that these blissful encounters have brought about healing and rejuvenation.  


Full-body orgasms are experienced by both men and women, and it is very nice to know that with practice Tantra can take you there. 




You Can Practice Tantra Alone

It Isn't Mandatory to Have A Partner

The good news is that you can practice Tantra alone. Many people understandably assume that a partner is necessary to be able to achieve these pinnacles of bliss, but this isn't so


You can explore your own sexuality and sexual innocence at any time using Tantric exercises, connecting with both the masculine and feminine energies within that everybody possesses. 




Although having a partner is ultimately more fulfilling (and you could find a partner just to practice Tantra with without being in a full relationship) there are many, many benefits to practicing the 'yoga of love' alone.  


Do a little research, take a class, buy some instructional material and bring this amazing power into play in your life.



Learn About Tantric Bliss


The Kama Sutra 

Possibly originally over two thousand years old, the Kama Sutra has been heard of by almost everyone but studied and used by very few. 


This ancient Hindu text is really a manual of human sexual behaviour and techniques. It actually covers a lot more than just sexuality, giving copious information about amorous advances, marriage, attraction, infidelity, duties and even occult practices. 




Of course, most people know it only as a repository of sexual techniques and positions. A modern copy should give a tantric couple many new ideas for sexual union and intimacy. 


But do not indulge in positions that you are not agile enough to participate in during sexual activity - we do not wish to end up in the emergency room experiencing the 'Kama Suture' when we were expecting ecstasy, or at least a jolly good time. 


Love And Passion Know No Age Barrier


Remember, it doesn't matter if you are young, middle aged or even a hundred and one years old.


Practicing ecstasy is your divine right and a key to your quickening spiritual evolution. 





True Love Exists In The Animal World As Well!


Dame Wotta Tripp wishes all of you success in love.




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