Wotta Arrangement


Have you failed miserably at all your relationships?  Or perhaps you have never even had one?  


Why not allow Dame Wotta Tripp to find the perfect life-partner for you?  

She is an expert at assessing people of all types and peculiarities via sensitive interdimensional equipment almost unique to this planet and held in ownership only by Dame Wotta Tripp and a mere handful of 'others', as far as she is aware. 


More accurate than any dating site using state of the art technology, Wotta Tripp is so sure of her results that she guarantees all marriages arranged by 'Wotta Arrangement! - Wotta Tripp Dating' for a minimum of a 13 year period. 


As soul contracts and other complex issues are affected by time cycles and other variables, she cannot guarantee the success of a marriage for longer than this. All marital issues will thereafter become the entire responsibility of each couple concerned at an individual level. 


If you are interested in having a relationship literally created for you using Dame Wotta Tripp's immaculate and matchless match-making methodology, then please follow the instructions given.





Wotta Tripp - Please Arrange My Marriage!  





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