What Makes for an Exhilarating, Earth-Shaking, Unbelievable Quantum Orgasm?





Sizzling Sexuality 

If you were to actually be intimate with someone who was in fact sizzling, you would find the experience most off-putting, more like waiting for a breakfast of bacon than enjoying the act of love, or at least, sex.  



So words like 'hot' and 'sizzling' are not be taken literally, especially by young folks, because people tend to become noticeably more unpleasant the hotter they get, and this has always been so. 



Molten, Sizzling Energy



But in a way, with sex being partly electrical in nature and

involving a lot of friction, it's not too far off the mark. 


When molten lust is at its peak and your orgasm is an electric volcanic eruption, words like sizzling and red-hot certainly come to mind.


But is this the reality for people most of the time?






Running at Full Capacity 

People have a vast capacity for experiencing joy and ecstasy, but sadly, most of them never discover this fact. They live their lives and then exit toes-up, never having experienced the heights of human passion, pleasure and emotion. 


Apart from the odd little thrill, people's lives are often boring, tiresome and unfulfilled. They spend a lot of their time fantasizing about and chasing the ultimate sensory experience without ever actually having it. 



Before It Fizzles Out...

The closest they come to feeling that way is possibly during the teen and early adult years, when a brief intimation of what might be sexually achievable flashes across the screen of possibilities before it fizzles out or settles down to a bare simmer and curls up with a box of chocolates and a good book. 


The stresses of everyday life combined with an ignorance of the true capabilities of the human body and its energetic systems dooms almost all of humanity to a drab and colourless third-dimensional life in which their full sexual potential is never reached. 



Having established what an orgasm is in the article 'What is an Orgasm?' we will now look at how to have bigger, better and more frequent love-spasms.



What Makes an Excellent AAA Orgasm? 

Most people would agree that the longer and stronger an orgasm is, the better it will feel. Quality, duration and strength are the most important factors. 


The following tips may aid you in your sensual quest: 


·      During sex the stomach and abdominal muscles should be relaxed, not taut or clenched, both before and during orgasm. One of the largest impediments to a satisfactory orgasm is the holding of tension in the wrong muscles. This is linked to breathing. 

·      Maintain deep eye contact with your lover. The eyes transmit a special energy that can deepen orgasmic experiences. 

·      Emotional intimacy and trust allow for more complete relaxation during sex and a better, stronger experience. 

·      Set the mood. Anything that pleases or stirs the senses will heighten the entire erotic experience for you. Be aware of the colours, flowers, scents, fabrics and textures that surround the area you are planning to make love in, and create a sensual love-nest. 

·      A very erotic way to increase intimacy between you and your partner is to get into some body art. Learn about mehndi, the ancient art of painting the body with henna. You can buy mehndi kits, or just purchase some non-toxic body paints. Cover each other in art and then take a nice long shower together. Caution: you are not indulging in urban graffiti here - no spray cans!





Breathing is very important, not merely so you can stay alive, but also because by learning control of the breath you are also learning to control other, more subtle functions. 


Wotta Tripp suggests enrolling in a tantric yoga class to learn about breath control and its role in your sexuality





Hypnosis Might Work



This is an excellent tool for creating extra bliss and stronger orgasms.  


A person who has been hypnotized can achieve orgasm through the action of the brain alone when given the suggestion to do so.  


Wotta Tripp is not suggesting that you do this, but rather that you experiment with self-hypnosis and see if you can learn to increase your pleasure in this way. If you are not comfy with learning this art in order to use it on yourself, seek a professional hypnotherapist's help.  




People can use hypnosis to improve many aspects of their lives. Do a little research and decide if there is a place for this technique in your life. 


Hypnosis works in tandem with the brain itself, which is in reality the major sex organ of the body. It's where it all happens.  


Wotta Tripp is hopeful that nobody is wantonly foolish enough to misunderstand her words and attempt direct brain contact with any type of foreign object or sex toy via the ears or nasal passages.




Dance The Night Away!Health 

Your health has a definite impact on your ability to experience fantastic sex. One of the best and most fun ways to get fit is dancing.  


Learn Salsa or some other form of vigorous and sexy dancing with your lover and then go dancing once or twice a week. It will help keep you fit, spice up your love life and make you more responsive sexually. 


Get a good balance of rest and exercise.  


Ladies who frequently practice Kegel exercises will have better control over orgasms. Learning the art of belly dancing will also be helpful. 


Make sure that you have a healthy diet. Foods high in saturated fats, starches and sugars make the body and mind sluggish, impairing the ability to experience very strong orgasms. 


Try and have a whole food diet with a lot of vegetables and a little lean protein, such as chicken or fish, if you eat it. Many dairy products cause acidic conditions in the body that can lead to lassitude, mucus build-up and ill-health, but yogurt is very good for you. 


Drink plenty of pure water. Eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice is very healthful and will also make bodily fluids taste sweet.





Being Eager Is No Good Without Competence

Never Fake an Orgasm 

Learn how to communicate your wants and desires to your partner properly.


Communication is one of the keys to good sex. Being Eager is not the same as being competent.


Never fake an orgasm. Women do this the most, but men do it sometimes as well. If you do fake it, your lover will think that they are doing things right and continue in the same way.




You'll never have a fabulous orgasm like that. 


And if you have no gift for acting, your partner will know - they might well figure it out anyway - and then the issue will become one of trust instead.



Learn To Share Your Feelings With TruthThere will be hurt feelings and tears before breakfast. Practice honesty and have respect for your lover.  


Besides, if when you are attempting to fake the highest moment of physical love you look like a neurotic racing horse which has just this very moment been badly startled, you will in turn startle your partner, who might have the moment indelibly stamped upon their brain, and not in a good way. 


 You also run the risk of sounding similar to a Tibetan yak in the midst of a rather difficult birthing experience. 




Too Much Alcohol



Having one or two drinks can relax you and your lover and overall enhance your sexual experiences. 


Drinking more than that will have the opposite effect, leading to a depressed nervous system and an inability to have a stellar experience. 


It can also lead to an upset tummy, frequent urination, flaccidity, slurring and stumbling, passing out in the middle of sex, arguing, sleeping in separate rooms, snoring maniacally and feeling very poorly the next day. 



None of this is conducive to the wildly wonderful climaxes you are probably seeking. 



Leave Your Emotional Baggage Outside The Bedroom Door


No Baggage 

Leave your emotional baggage outside the door of whichever room you are having sex behind. It is unfair to bring up past grievances while you are having sex with your partner.


Relaxation is most important. 


It may be difficult to achieve orgasm while bearing a grudge or having a heated argument. Telling your lover that your first partner performed with more finesse or suggesting separate holidays is not going to improve anyone's overall performance. 






The Possibility Of Super-OrgasmsKnow Your Bodies 

Make sure that you understand how your body and that of your partner works.  


Dame Wotta Tripp is not here to explain the various special places and alphabetical hot-spots that are scattered across the human anatomy, or the many sexual techniques available to try out on them.


This information is available all over the place.  


She labours instead through her advice articles to provide you with the basic information you need to lay the groundwork for taking control of your body and its functions, catapulting it over the edge of humdrum, every-day human sex into a brand new land of multi-coloured super-orgasms. 




There Are No Positions That Haven't Been Discovered


Positions for Pleasurable Paroxysms 

Everyone's body is different and unique, and some are definitely more so than others. 


Nevertheless, most people deserve an opportunity to enjoy peak experiences, so experiment with different positions while having sex until you find the ones that are most satisfying to you.  


The Kama Sutra may be the oldest sex-education manual in the world, but it also is so comprehensive that it might not have missed a single sexual position out.



Nobody has yet managed to figure out any new positions that aren't already in there. For this reason alone you should have a copy of the book.


You will find free copies online. 


Don't Even Try!


If Dame Wotta Tripp held a competition to see who could find a

new position that hasn't already been addressed, she fears it would end in multiple injuries rather than multiple orgasms.


Also, it may not be wise to take the other types of life-advice you will find within the Kama Sutra seriously, as most of it really isn't appropriate for this day and age.  


Attempting to follow some of the strictures in this tome could even lead to your arrest or ostracization.






The Multi-Orgasmic Male 

A lot of people think that only women can be multi-orgasmic, but this isn't true at all. 


For men who wish to achieve this state there must first be an understanding of the way sex works and why. They must have a good grasp of the male anatomy, as well as a proper knowledge of male sexuality and the techniques used to bring about multi-orgasmic bliss. 


 Men And Women Have The Potential To Be Multi-Orgasmic

There are differences in chemistry that occur during the male and female orgasm. A woman has the ability to be multi-orgasmic naturally because of her unique chemistry, but a man does not. 


Many men think that having more than one orgasm means having an orgasm, losing an erection, gaining it again and proceeding on to have another orgasm. This is not what multi-orgasmic means. 


Multiple orgasms occur one after the other with no loss of arousal in between them. These orgasms are not accompanied by ejaculation, except for the final orgasm in the sequence when ejaculation finally takes place. 




The men and women who properly understand human sexuality and put their knowledge into practice enjoy sexual experiences that most people couldn't even fantasize about. 


Study the sexual arousal cycles of men and women and you will discover that they are different, but that there are techniques that are designed specifically to bring about multi-orgasmic experiences in both men and women. 


These techniques must be learned and properly implemented in order to achieve success. 


But a man can learn the correct techniques to be able to experience this state for himself fairly simply. Investing in yourself and upgrading your sexuality will be well worth the time spent.






Mint Lubricant 

A little-known trick that women will appreciate, using lubricant that has mint infused into it increases sexual enjoyment considerably. Please Note: do not use chewing gum, especially if a lady is un-waxed.





Learn How To Give And Receive A MassageMassage 

Learn how to give an excellent massage to your lover to heighten their entire experience with you. Tantric massage is especially good.  Buy a good book or take a class.  


An erotic massage is obviously useful during sexual encounters, but  massage can also be used simply for relaxation and health. 


This is something that lovers can learn together, and Wotta Tripp recommends that you do so. It will considerably increase your pleasure.






Learn About Extended Orgasms


Extended and Full Body Orgasms 

The extended orgasm is something many people seek but few achieve.


As with so many other desirable things it is worth pursuing. 


For a woman, one of the best ways to achieve this state is using The Brauers' Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) technique, which you should research and then put into practice.


This should allow women to remain orgasmic for half an hour or more. 





People don't generally realise that it is also possible to have an orgasm that encompasses the entire body, rather than just the genital area. The article 'Tantric Sex' in this section of Dame Wotta Tripp Advice will explain this enticing possibility in more detail. It's a peak experience that is worth working towards. 



Tantric Sex Will Change Your Life



Wotta Tripp strenuously advises you to pursue an understanding of modern-day Tantric practices and add them to your love-making in order to attain peak sexual experiences of the physical body. 


It will be an attainment you take great joy in for the rest of your life, and you don't even need a partner to begin your  sensuous voyage of self-discovery.


Waste not a second more! Learn how to extract bliss from the sexual energy that floods your body and fill your life with ecstasy.






Bon Voyage! 







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