Cat's Corner 

Welcome to the domain of Dame Wotta Tripp's feline family, all members of the fur-face tribes.

Cat's Corner is hosted by Ishfold, who has been Wotta Tripp's staunch friend and familiar for many years now. 


Meet the cats and their friends and take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the wisdom of cats from the experts! 



Introducing The Cats


Ishfold: A tom. Born in Autumn.


If ever a cat deserved a voice in the world of humans, it is Ishfold. He is not only a cat of refinement and wisdom but also a staunch and true friend. He is rather old-fashioned, even for a feline, but he is also a cat of discernment and mystery, possessed of arcane knowledge and with a good working understanding of magickal tasks within the circle. Ishfold no longer hunts.



Favourite Foods:

Special brownies, chicken chilli, beef curry, camembert, melon, sweet milky tea.


Favourite Occupations:

Dictating his written works telepathically. Working next to Dame Wotta Tripp during Magickal activity and going for midnight rambles with her. Spending time with his feline friends. Studying in the astral planes. Writing - Ishfold writes poetry and is currently authoring his first novel, 'Squirrel In The Wind'.



Ishfold brings to Dame Wotta Tripp large and beautiful caterpillars, alive and unharmed. She likes to see them and then release them once more into the appropriate greenery. Widgeon has told people that Wotta Tripp has a caterpillar-skin cloak she wears during ceremonial rituals of High Magick, but there really is no substance whatsoever to this mischievous rumour.


Ishfold loves his catnip and is kept supplied with several plants.


Strong Points:

Loving. Reliable, sensible and astute. Spotlessly clean. Fully telepathic. Familiar and comfortable with Magick. Educated.


Weak Points:

Tends to be a little over-critical but is otherwise practically perfect.




Mog: A queen. Born in Summer

Mog is usually a gentle soul, but anyone taking advantage of this fact will soon be taught a very sharp lesson. Her strong maternal instincts are tempered by a ready willingness to discipline those that displease or behave in a rude manner. Mog no longer cares to hunt, but she will hold down and forcibly groom any living thing that doesn't pass muster.



 Favourite Foods:

Fish supper, turkey, bacon, cheese on toast, cherry yogurt, shrimp.


Favourite Occupations:

Having a warm bath, full-body massage, being petted, lying near the fire, smelling flowers on early spring mornings, exploring outside. She loves to be decorated with non-toxic body dyes, and will lie still for hours luxuriating when she is being painted for a special occasion.



Disciplining other cats, watching running water, catnip, working in the magickal circle with Dame Wotta Tripp.


Strong Points:

Loving. Maternal, dignified and usually fair. Very clean and fastidious. Very sensitive to the moods and needs of all other creatures, except for voles and spiders.


Weak Points:

Her temper occasionally gets the better of her, but apart from that, she's practically perfect.




Widgeon: A tom. His birth season is undetermined but Ishfold says it was very early in spring. Mog says he wasn't born, but was instead knitted, but then, he has frequently irritated her.


Dame Wotta Tripp took Widgeon in when he was a teenager. He had some adjustment problems but Mog and Ishfold helped him sort them out, and he doesn't have too many scars.


He is playful and happy all the time. Widgeon does hunt, and very well, but he will probably stop when he gets older as Mog and Ishfold did.



 Favourite Foods:

Maltesers, smoked salmon, macaroni and cheese, chicken livers, fruit cake, ham, Rice Crispies, baked beans.


Favourite Occupations:

Hunting, teasing Mog, Ishfold and squirrels in general. Playing, leaping and twirling. Chasing leaves. Chasing bugs. Climbing trees. Eating a lot. Snoozing.



A penchant for practical jokes that he plays on humans and animals alike. Catnip. Fake surprise attacks


Strong Points:

Loving. Brave. Good natured, doesn't sulk.


Weak Points:

A little foolishness as befits a young cat, but apart from that he's practically perfect.








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