Penance & Punishment



The words are sweet to some but bitter to many.

When you have gone too far, You Know It!

You obviously are one who did not take


Dame Wotta Tripp's Excellent Advice 




& Now You Must Undergo


 Wottribution - it's a punishing experience, & Dame Wotta Tripp is certain that you won't enjoy it under any circumstances. Indeed, if you were so foolish as to feel even a modicum of happiness while undergoing your punishment the consequences would be most severe, perhaps even crushing.

Once Wottribution has begun there is little that can be done to stop the juggernaut of retributional force that will begin to stalk you more closely than your own shadow.

 Take heart, it won't last for ever, and will be immaculately measured out to suit your very own holographic soul resonance ID. Foolproof, you cannot receive punishment for what you haven't done, so have no fear, the Wottribution will be tailor-made to suit your crimes.


I Have Been Scheduled For Wottribution - What Can I Expect?

You can expect a run of minor misfortunes excaberated by phenomena that will keep you nervous and off-balance until your punishment has run its course. Phantom noises and odors are a very common side-effect, and you should be prepared for them.

Pools of water will appear on floors and other hard surfaces, so be careful not to slip and make sure no live wires or sensitive electrical equipment are left lying around for the duration of your Wottribution.

Apparitions will appear daily with messages and riddles for you to solve. This may seem frightening, but these occurences are part of your soul's educational experience and will help set you upon a better life path.


Possible Physical Side-Effects

Although you can expect some minor physical discomfort, you can rest assured that you will experience nothing life-threatening.

Itchy rashes, painful boils and other skin irritations may erupt. A general cleansing might occur, leading to tummy upsets, gaseous emissions, headaches, and dizziness.

You may find yourself twitching and jerking, with bouts of compulsive cursing and swearing on your part not being uncommon, even if you usually don't use bad language. You may also find explosive noises issuing forth from your throat several times a day.

Most people are plagued by nightmares of spiders, snakes and scorpions for the duration, but within them will be contained kernels of knowledge that will help you to be a better person if you apply yourself properly.

This is because if you let fear get the better of you in the nightmare, you are likely to find what you were dreaming about on the pillow next to you when you awake, be it arachnid, serpent or the venom-tailed one of the djinn-ridden desert sands.


After It's Over...

Remember to be kind to all creatures, great and small. It would be better in the long run if you also showed respect for items that you consider to be inanimate, for there are many things you don't yet know.


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