Wottributional Flames


Your Wottribution Has Now Begun!


Please bookmark this page because after your Wottribution has ended you will then go forward to Absolution.

Gaining absolution means that you will be able to start over with a clean slate.

You will feel squeaky-clean.


How Will I Know When Wottribution Is Over?

Wait until 36 hours has passed after the last pool of liquid has appeared and been mopped up. Sometime in this final window of opportunity you will see the last apparition - that is so long as you are not a psychic - and receive the final message.

This message might seem unneccessarily harsh, but it is meant to resonate strongly and discourage you from misbehaving again.


You will be given one final riddle, and maybe pinched and slapped lightly a couple of times and then you will feel strangely alone for the first time in a while.


Solve the last riddle, which is really very simple, a mere formality, and you will be free once more.



At this point you must come back to this page and follow the direction below:


Congratulations! Click Below to be Taken to Receive Your Absolution Right Away!



 Request Your Absolution Right Now!





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