Under no circumstances attempt to get away from the color of this page. It is part of your punishment.


You are here for a reason. Cooperation will make the process run more smoothly for you. Struggle is useless.

Follow the directions given to you properly. Your punishment begins NOW...


...FIRST kiss the

'Shoe of Wotta'

Wotta's Shoe


You must give it a proper kiss (although not French, please) and leave an actual set of lip-prints on your monitor screen.

This is because Wotta Tripp needs a DNA sample from you in order to make your punishment fit exactly to the crimes you have committed, so pucker up.

Please remove any lipstick, lip gloss or medicated creams before complying. Thank you.

Once the kissing is over, you must complete the next steps in the order given.


Make sure you have somewhere to be alone where nobody will witness your private shame. You should wait until after 10.00 pm.


  1. Are you alone in the room? Draw the curtains or close the blinds so that the room is dimly lit and you have privacy. Lock up the house. Turn off the TV and shut down the computer. Rid the area of any other source of noise, including music, unless it is ominous in nature and full of foreboding. It's best if a clock is visible to you. Make sure all the lights in the house are dimmed or off. If it's winter turn down the heat.  
  2. If possible, sit up very straight on a hard uncomfortable chair. If you have no chair, then lie on the floor without a pillow. 
  3. You must sit or lie very still while the punishment grid is lowered temporarily into your etheric body (it is rather like a computer program and it will dissolve and leave your system harmlessly after it has run its course and punishment is complete). 
  4. When the program is properly installed you will hear a beep. If you somehow miss the beep, you may safely rise after half an hour has passed. Go straight to bed with no snacks or supper and try to sleep. 
  5. Your punishment will begin when the program has been running for approximately 5 hours (there is no way to stop the program once set in motion without technical intervention. This service is provided by Wotta Tripp Advice and if you request it you will be charged for it). 
  6. You may expect certain things to occur, and the severity of your punishment will depend upon the depth and breadth of the sin you have confessed to. Look for the manifestation of any or all of the following punishment symptoms:


·         Loud intermittent ringing in the ears, accompanied by susurration and whispering noises. If you listen closely you will hear voices listing your sins and remonstrating with you, suggesting you change your wicked, wasteful and wanton ways. 

·         A feeling of pressure, like that of a tight iron band, around the head and brow. At certain times it heats up, becoming unpleasantly hot. This is the 'Crown of Remorse'. It serves as a reminder to the penitent one, ensuring a constant awareness of the process throughout. 

·         Embarrassing, sudden, loud and noxious passage of wind at inopportune moments. Designed with state-of-the-art technology for absolute maximum humiliation potential, these explosive gaseous emissions are guaranteed to check over-size and narcissistic egos and engender the beginning of sensitivity in the individual. The program will automatically run during such situations as job interviews, business dinners, romantic assignations, classes, gym work-outs, church, public swimming and while using public transport. 

·         You might be repeatedly shaken awake while sleeping, either at night or during afternoon naps. Note: many penitents report being awakened at around 3.00 am in the morning by the fearful sound of a loud and invasive trumpet fanfare suddenly bursting in upon their eardrums and ending their slumber. A clear sign you should not be resting easy while enduring punishment, and obviously signalling the need for deep inner change. 

·         Small animals and younger children may attack you suddenly for no apparent reason or leap out at you from behind trees, walls and shrubbery. Birds may dive-bomb you. 

·         You may temporarily suffer from a reduction in your ability to taste and smell properly for the duration of the spell (except in an emergency situation). If you are undergoing a heavy punishment you may experience everything as having an unpleasant odour for the duration.  

·         Electrical equipment may temporarily fail or work incorrectly. Clocks may lose time or more rarely, go backwards. Light bulbs may explode near you. Stay inside during thunderstorms, as you are more vulnerable to lightning strikes during punishment. 

·         You may experience poltergeist activity and see shadowy figures coming and going. Try not to feel scared, as this encourages them. For them it is a snack. Think of this as a good opportunity to learn how to handle fear in a controlled and relatively safe environment. They will permanently leave when the program has nearly dissolved. 

·         You may become restless and feel the need to pace up and down. In severe cases, people may succumb to the urge to leave the house alone in the middle of the night and walk for miles. Dame Wotta Tripp cautions penitents not to ever venture near gravel pits, hydro-electric dams or logging roads at these times. 

·         Libido may be temporary affected, but this is probably for the best as nobody will find you even remotely attractive during Punishment. 



Please Also Note: 

  1. All of the effects of Punishment are temporary and will disappear as the program dissolves.  Please use your Punishment as stepping stones to cross the murky off-colour river of unfortunate choices and peculiar, unwholesome behaviour.
  2. It will be easier if you subjugate yourself completely to Reverend Dame Wotta Tripp from the beginning - you are in excellent and well-manicured hands.
  3. Dame Wotta Tripp and Dame Wotta Tripp Advice will under no circumstances tolerate blackmail attempts directed at her own person, the persons of her staff, or persons using this web site known or unknown. Offenders will be dealt with at an astral level with efficiency and speed, and it will not go well for them.



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