"Dame Wotta Tripp turns even punishment into a festive occasion."  



"Wotta Tripp is a seasoned professional when it comes to delivering punishment to people who deserve it. I'm still tingling unpleasantly and I won't be committing that sin again in a hurry, believe you me! My wife can finally sleep nights again without worrying. Big thumbs up to the Dame! Thanks!" 

Sam Clamberwell 


"She's the BOSS!

Tony J. 


"Dame Wotta was there for me when no one else was. I knew that I'd done wrong. My sins were redder than red - well, at least they were an unpleasant gray-brown color. Anyway, after confessing and accepting punishment I ordered a 'Darn Good Telling Off' just to make sure. Even after feeling clean and new, ready to start a new life, I still take out that letter and read it whenever I'm feeling low. It's a bit frightening to go back to that dark place, but it bucks me up no end." 



"I thought Dame Wotta Tripp was hilarious 'til I found out that she wasn't joking, even a bit. After getting over the shock I buckled down and took confessional, punishment and Wottribution like the pussy my girlfriend says I am! Joking aside, after the whining and moaning was over I felt brand spanking new, wink, wink;)" 

'Noddy' B. 


"Oh, the relief of confession! After all those years of guilt I can finally face things and begin a better chapter in my life. I gave back all the things I stole, except for Jackie's husband, but she really didn't want him anymore, so I guess things worked out. I would recommend confession, but Wottribution is tough, I won't lie. All worth it in the end, though!"  



"Dame Wotta Tripp helps you burn through your sins like rocket fuel!" 

Dennis T. 


"I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to confess and undergo punishment. Dame Wotta told me that my sins would not be washed whiter than snow but instead be more like an attractive prism of rainbow colors. I can't wait to wear them when I go out in the sun. Punishment didn't last too long and I feel much better now. I would definitely recommend this service to other people." 

Franco V. 



"I will never, ever, ever do it again, I promise on my wife's life! Please, just make it stop!!"  



"I found that Punishment and Wottribution were very useful tools when it came to getting a good measure of control back in my life. I am able to discipline myself more frequently and with more vigour than ever before. I will continue to build up my punishment levels long after Dame Wotta Tripp's Wottribution is over. Also I found penance and absolution to be temporarily very soothing, in between punishments." 













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