Pixie Pleasures 

Are you a little skimpy? Never fear! Short people can be electrifying! In fact, they seem to conduct electricity very well according to recent experiment results. What a fascinating world we live in!  


Don't think because you are diminutive and stunted that you aren't sweet as well. Short & sweet has always been in fashion as far as affairs are concerned, so your luck might yet hold!  


And as the money you save not having to buy adult clothing can be put to good use paying for dates you can expect to go out quite a lot, especially with other squat and compact people. 


To be slightly abridged is nothing to be ashamed of, so don't let your abbreviated appearance hold you back! Just because you are slightly condensed is no reason to feel self-conscious. Not too many people will notice you are a little scant, so you need not worry. 


Shorten the time it takes to find a possible match by using the Wotta Tripp 'Pixie Pleasures' dating service for lonely single petites. 


Good luck finding your very own Bonsai Beau! 





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