Do You Need A Dispensation?

Have  your actions removed you spiritually from the sphere of most human ministrations and placed you beyond the pale?

Are you bowed down by your dreadful guilt, a pariah among other men and women, a walking advertisement for all that is tawdry, decadent and unwholesome? 


Curse Removal & Banishings

Have you been cursed? There is nothing worse than having your life hijacked by a good strong curse. 


Spirit & Djinn Removal

Do wraiths drift through your home and dark shadows creep about that you see from the corner of your eyes? Perhaps there are tapping noises or bangs, crashes and strange scary whisperings?


Are You Possessed?

Oh my goodness, there is nothing worse!  


Fix Soul Loss

 Protect your soul from theft and loss with a Soul Loss Insurance Policy. A SLIP will ...


Occult Advice

 Do you have deep, dark secrets?





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