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What Cost Your Soul?

To lose your own dear and beloved soul, whether through misfortune or foolishness, is a situation which should be remedied as soon as is humanly possible. Of course, if you elect to avail yourself of the services of Dame Wotta Tripp your soul will be returned to you as soon as is inhumanly possible.



  Soul Loss Insurance Policies 


 What Is My Soul, Dame Wotta? 


It is something absolutely unique to you, and consists of very much more than most people realise. 


Watermarked with the special signature which only you as an individual  possess, your soul is an electronic plasmic holographic treasure-house of compelling luminosity containing all that is lovely and true in you, based on experiences garnered during lives spent in many times and places, including on other planets.


These lives seem to occur in a linear fashion but in reality they are all taking place at once, with different soul aspects taking embodiment as individual personalities within each body used for incarnation. Time doesn't really exist at all in the way most people have been led to believe. What fun!




Your soul is immortal, and you are most certainly going to need it. 


Carried within it is everything you will find neccessary for an eternity of fascinating expansion and growth, far beyond the uncomfortable and constraining boundaries posed by third density existence, which you are suposed to evolve out of very soon now.




What is Your Soul Worth to You?

What would you be willing to pay to protect it from all harm?  It really should be any amount, because it is absolutely irreplaceable, and this is why you need protection, or even for some of you soul retrieval and soul contract negotiation services.


You need a SLIP. A Soul Loss Insurance Policy can protect you in a variety of different ways. 




Your Soul Is Irreplaceable


 Soul Dangers 


Soul Theft 

Very few people realise that there are many criminally evil entities, some human, some not so much, that are waiting in the darkness for the first opportunity to steal your soul away from you. Soul theft is on the rise, and should never be taken lightly. 


Guard against the theft of your soul now! Soul Snatchers are everywhere, invisible and sinister in the creeping evening shadows.


Wotta Tripp has what it takes to retrieve your soul, either through stealth magick, expertly coercive contract negotiation or blunt force.


She can wrest your soul from even the most vicious of astral thugs, and if it has already been put to use by another, she can extract your soul intact and return it to you.





Have You Sold Your Soul?


Selling Your Soul

There are always unscrupulous beings loitering in wait to trick you into selling or bartering away your immortal soul. They will gleefully take the souls of the desperate in return for hard cash and worldly accoutrements. 






If you have sold your soul then you need the help of Wotta Tripp right away!





Get Your Soul Back

Soul Services


Soul Retrieval Service

Sometimes different aspects, or facets of the soul splinter off when the traumas and shocks of life become too much for the sensitive soul to bear. They fly away in a fragmented state to barren or lonely places, such as forests, deserts, abandoned buldings and caves.

 They can often be found, scared and alone, trembling, crying, wailing and gibbering, too overwrought to do anything but hide. Dame Wota Tripp catches them in her soul-nets and brings them safely home regardless of the fuss they might be making.



Struggling avails them absolutely nothing.




Soul Contract Negotiations


Soul Contract Negotiation 

There are times when you need a professional who can get you out of an extremely tight spot. If you have sold or given away your soul then you need an experienced negotiator, somebody with years of multi-dimensional experience behind, beneath, above, to the sides and in front of them.







With Dame Wotta Tripp in your corner fighting for you, it's plain astral sailing all the way.





Soul Loss Insurance Policies


Every Soul Deserves Insurance While Enduring An Earthly Existence.



Dame Wotta TrippSoul Insurance Services, hereafter referred to as The Company, protects you against eligible losses that might be incurred through bad soul contracts, soul misuse, soul injury, soul theft, personal foolishness & soul trauma. 


The cost of soul insurance depends on a number of things, including the dimensional location of your soul, how your soul is constructed, what soul type you possess & the frequency of your soul treasury.


You may try to shop around or talk to other insurance brokers to compare prices, but The Company thinks you will not find anyone else openly offering such services on Earth presently. 


The present retail value of your soul to some extent also determines the cost of your insurance. The more valuable your soul currently is, the more coverage you will need to locate & retrieve said soul, or soul parts. 


You may also select different levels of SLIP coverage. If you want to be insured for more than the basic risks to your soul, such as fire damage, theft, bad contracts & certain types of plasma damage, your insurance may cost more. 


For instance, repair after nuclear irradiation is complex and specialized and therefore insurance against nuclear contaminants requires the highest rate of coverage. 


When you compare how much you have to lose if you don’t have insurance, the cost of soul insurance is minimal. Make soul insurance part of your budget, like the basic costs of food, alcohol, electronic toys, drugs & some kind of basic shelter. 


Soul insurance covers extra problems that a soul loss may directly cause you. This includes temporary disconnection, loss of memory, loss of energy, changes to the original soul signature & frequency changes.



After A Soul Loss 

Think about all the many things you own – your furniture, equipment, clothes, vehicle, memorabilia etc. 


Soul Insurance doesn’t cover furniture, jewels and other expensive items, but as the soul is a treasury, a repository of all that you have stored up as treasure in other dimensions, sometimes over hundreds of lifetimes, it is truly your most valuable possession.


After all, life here is harsh & frequently ends in a messy way. You need to know that however mangled & squashed your body becomes, you still have everything you need once you're out of it. 



Description Of Benefits

Soul Retrieval Delay:


The Company will reimburse the insured for reasonable expenses incurred during the period of soul loss if:


a)The delay lasted in excess of four (4) weeks from the time of scheduled return causing you to:

  delay your date of demise.

  miss opportunities for soul-growth.

b) The delay of the soul return was the result of a strike by DWT Advice personnel, civil commotion, soul hijack, nuclear accident, nulear strike, natural disaster or inclement astral weather.


To Claim For Benefits, as described in Part 2, the following must be submitted to The Company:


a) A DNA sample.

b) A signed release allowing Dame Wotta Tripp & staff to remote view you.

c) A certified copy of any previous soul contracts or the original receipt for purchase/barter of your soul.


Lost or Stolen Souls

The Company will reimburse the policy holder up to a maximum aggregate limit of the 1 (one) original soul in its pre-loss condition for direct soul loss or damage. Please Note: this includes Soul Restoration & Re-connection.


Sold & Bartered Souls

If you signed a standard soul relinquishment document or possess the standard bill of ownership-trade agreement applicable to soul-barter agreements, then shall The Company reimburse the policy holder up to a maximum aggregate limit of the 1 (one) original soul in its pre-loss condition for direct soul loss or damage.  Please Note: this includes Soul Restoration & Re-connection.


Soul Restoration & Re- Connection

This is a courtesy service that is included in the terms of your SLIP. 


A copy of the insured's birth certificate together with the exact time of birth if possible, & a notarized letter confirming that the soul is actually missing along with the original receipt in the instance of a sold soul is required before restoration & re-connection.



The Standard Policy does not cover loss caused by or resulting from:

·       Any act of declared or undeclared war.

·       Any criminal act by the insured.

·       Nuclear fuel or waste, or the combustion of nuclear fuels.


Contact an agent to purchase an individual policy designed to fit your unique needs and specifications.



1. Notice of Claim: Written notice of claim should be given to The Company within 30 (thirty)days after the occurrence of any soul loss, & a written statement of soul loss should be submitted within 60 (sixty) days.

2. Soul Loss Claim Forms: If further information is required by The Company, a claim form must be completed.



This coverage may be cancelled, changed or modified at the option of the policy issuer at any time without notice.


To Submit A Claim:

Please contact Dame Wotta Tripp Soul Insurance for more information & to request claim forms.


Your Privacy:

DWT Advice is committed to protecting your privacy & the confidentiality of your personal information throughout all departments.


The available SLIP provides all your soul insurance requirements under the coverage of one convenient umbrella.


To purchase an SLIP please contact Dame Wotta Tripp Soul Loss Insurance.




Making Everything Right Again!



While it is relatively easy to sell your soul, it is not so easy to get it back in the same condition it was in before your misfortune.  Soul insurance will help you rebuild your life after a soul loss by returning your spiritual treasures from your personal storehouse. 



Soul Restoration & Repairs

There are two instances where soul repairs, or even an entire soul restoration become necessary:


·       If you have had your soul stolen or have contractually sold it to another entity 

·       If you have a soul-sickness and have suffered a soul loss through trauma 


After its return, your soul will have any damage repaired. All add-ons, implants, devices, equipment, software, hardware and other foreign material will be excised. Lost data will be retrieved and fractures, blemishes and injuries will be corrected.


Under certain circumstances the two elements that the soul is sometimes susceptible to, fire and water, can cause a problem if your soul has been adapted in any way or treated abusively while in the possession of another.


In some ways it's similar to a car theft. Someone takes your car for a joy-ride, or possibly for even more nefarious purposes, and they thoroughly trash it before abandoning it, so that it has to be completely overhauled - that is, if you ever get it back!


But remember, your soul is not a vehicle. On the contrary, the body is but the temporary vehicle attached to the soul for the duration of this lifetime. As Wotta Tripp mentioned, you are actually having more than one life at the same time, but we won't get into that here.


You are presently an action figure on the surface of the blue planet, and your brain is the computer you use as a temporary interface while here. Fortunately, thought exists absolutely everywhere, and the brain is only neccessary while you're in a 3D body.


Your soul however, is a different matter because you will always need it.


But all is not lost! Remember, The Power of Wotta Tripp Works for You Day and Night!



Soul Loans

You might need the use of an interim soul while waiting for your original soul to be returned safely to you.


You may arrange through Dame Wotta Tripp Advice for the lease of a blank-template soul for your temporary convenience.


This will be grafted onto your original soul-matrix, a painless procedure. When your own soul is brought successfully back home the blank template will be removed and the original grafted back on exactly where it belongs.


All soul data collected on the blank-template will then be uploaded to your own soul which will be re-calibrated in situ.


Let Dame Wotta Tripp Put Your Soul Back Online! 


The Magic Always Works


  The Powers of Wotta Tripp Work for You Tirelessly Day and Night! 




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