Soul Insurance Testimonials 


Soul Insurance Testimonials



I have to thank Dame Wotta Tripp for saving my soul. It isn't the most well-developed of souls - I have a long way to go yet - but its the only one I have. I had a traumatic experience many years ago which led to me losing a few bits of my poor old soul. I don't really blame it, I could hardly bear to look at myself, either, back then. Finally, I'm at peace. Tim J


'My soul flew back to me last night 

Just as Wotta said it would 

My gratitude is out of sight 

And now at last I'm feeling good.'  Thanks, Wotta! Joe Blatty xox 


When I contacted Wotta Tripp i didn't really expect anything to happen. I have felt soul-less for years, even though my health is generally excellent. My main worry was that I would die before getting it back (I auctioned it off as a joke when I was attending college back in 1984) and find that my mother was right, and I wouldn't be able to get very far without it once I was actually dead. Anyway, a week after I purchased the service I was woken up in the middle of the night by a strange rumbling sound. It grew louder and louder and I finally realised that it was my stomach making all the racket. I felt most peculiar and I ended up spending the entire night sitting on the toilet, but strangely, as morning arrived the crazy gurgling stopped. There was a brief suction-like noise, a little plop, and I just knew I was myself again, with a soul, 100%. I'm very grateful and would recommend this service to anyone, apart from the gurgling and stuff, which was a bit worrying. Dennis C


my soul's intact again and i finally have my rhythm back - am dancing ecstatically down the middle of the freeway as i text the happy news to dammmm m 


It's back and I'm grateful for the service. Janis. 


I am not totally convinced that my soul has come back, because I don't feel much different, but I am assured by Dame Wotta Tripp Advice that it has returned, and my wife says she can see the difference in at least one of my eyes. M. Turcotte


The warmth of having my soul back has infused my entire body and I must confess to feeling extremely randy since it came home. I don't know if this is normal, but my hands and feet aren't so cold in the middle of the night either. Thanks. Would recommend. Rose G

My husband & I ordered the soul insurance policy several months ago, & we are impressed by the overall quality of the service & the customer care. We needed rather a lot of things explaining to us at first, & they were all patient & thorough with us, except for the one strange person, just the once, & I think that was our fault, really. We feel secure now, even if we drop dead. Mindy & Peter


Having a SLIP has made me feel shored up against adversity. I have always had a fear of some evil witch or wizard coming along and stealing or damaging my soul, but now I know that my soul is gently buffered against such devilish mischief. Bart. H


Laura, my wife - well, she was - ordered a soul retrieval, but she passed away a few days later of natural causes. Now an envelope has arrived for her, and I think her soul may be inside it. I contacted Dame Wotta Tripp Advice and told them, and they said to return the envelope to them unopened. Now I don't know what to do because I'm worried about Laura. Is she alright, without her soul? What will they do with her soul (if it is her soul in the package) when they get it back? I wonder if I should just open the envelope, in case Laura can come back and collect it. Does anyone have any advice? I don't know what to do. Hamlet Dabbitt


How anybody can believe any of this bloody nonsense is simply beyond me. My wife has spent a fortune on soul insurance, Tarot readings, spells and other such rubbish on all sorts of sites, including this one. She's an utter air-head, and nothing she does is ever going to change her into a smart, competent woman. I'm convinced her problem is hereditary. Her father was barking mad as well. Don't waste your money, you idiots! G.W


I feel strongly that my soul is more user-friendly than it was before. It was re-conditioned after being damaged, and no data was lost, which is great. It was then properly formatted, and I think possibly dry-cleaned, and it felt very comfy afterwards, a real good fit. Thank you Wotta Tripp for a very fine service! Patrick V


I just wanted to say that I had a really good experience with this service. I was possessed when I was 18 years old. It began when I was outside in winter and got my tongue frozen to a metal pole in sub-zero temperatures. I was stuck like that for an entire hour. It isn't funny like people say. It was so awful, and I had to be taken to hospital afterwards. But the worst part was, while I was stuck like that, something entered me. It wasn't human and it was the beginning of the worst 9 months of my life. I was fortunate, because after this dreadful 9 months was up, I was delivered of this inhuman creature by a friendly local priest, who took it away. It did leave me with a soul that was slightly frayed and shredded, so I was thrilled to discover this service. My soul is restored to its original condition and I'm sooo happy J Mary


Dame Wotta Tripp's service is truly brilliant. My soul was in a dreadful state due to years and years of bad behaviour ;) Anyhow, I've had said soul reconditioned, completed Penance, Punishment and Wottribution. I know I'll need the service again one day, but for now I'm starting all over again and ready to party! Thanks, Wotta! Martha Coney-Browne.  


I enjoy the confidence and security of having a SLIP for each of my family members - great group/family rate as well! Thanks! Ray B. 


Last comment from the Bible-basher - what a pillock! Great service, doing much better. Sam


There is no easy way to improve a soul. Hard work, poverty, long-suffering, pain, privation, penance, unselfishness, turning the other cheek, church, holiness, bible-study, missionary work, charity work, celibacy and martyrdom are the only sure way to Gods pure and loving heart. Abandon the likes of dark occultists such as Dame Wotta Trapp and seek your salvation today! Nell L. 


I have moved out of the cupboard now and feel a lot less hostile and confrontational. There seems to be more of me than there was, because the sensible part of me has apparently come back. The compulsion to become suddenly violent has not afflicted me, or through me anyone else, for several weeks now. I am a lot more cheerful and optimistic since my soul-shards have returned to me and integrated properly, as Wotta Tripp Advice said I would be, but an added bonus is that I have full control of my bladder once again! I can have a life now - thank you! Clyde


When my soul returned it seemed kind of like a shamanic experience. I felt like I was going through a near-death experience. I believe I may even have really died for a minute or two, and then come back. It was like I was floating above my body for quite a while, and then suddenly I felt myself falling apart all over the floor. I thought I was a goner, it was so weird, and then suddenly I was in my body again but I felt a lot different than before, warm, tingly and alive with loving energy. I knew my soul was restored and no longer sick, and I'm very grateful. Christine W. 


I would recommend this service to anybody. I have had my soul reconditioned and also purchased a SLIP to make sure my soul is covered whatever the future might bring, because it's truly my most precious possession. Even though I'm currently in prison serving time for multiple counts of arson I wasn't turned down for the service, and now I'm grateful that I don't have to worry for my soul. I hope I'm a better person now - we'll see when I get out. Brandon Glippe. 





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