When placing your personal advert, Dame Wotta Tripp suggests the use of the following handy dating acronyms if they apply to you, and please do try to be honest, even if it doesn't altogether come naturally to you:  


A&D - armed & dangerous - do not approach 

AM&T - all mouth & trousers 

BBC - big black cheeks 

B-I! - beware - Irish! 

BPP - bagpipe player

BP - blonde physicist 

BPPI - British person of possible interest 

BW - beyond weird 

BWS - black white supremacist 

C-PA! - caution - possible Australian! 

CWF - costume wearing furry 

DAWF - drunk and weeping Frenchman

Dom - enjoys dominoes 

Dw - Dwarven 

E-C - ex-con 

FG - female geek  

FRH - fascinating red-head 

GOB - good ol' boy 

HRUO - has rash of unknown origin 

IN - inmate 

J - janitor

JrF - jester - full court costume

LBWW - large bald white woman 

LOL - little old lady 

LOM - little old Malaysian  

MBHBF - male big hands big feet 

MG - male geek 

MILF - magistrate I'd like to fondle

OS - object-sexual 

OTR - on the run 

Other - A multi-faceted word designation with many & varied subtle meanings & nuances, rather akin to the Inuit word for snow 

PR - prince

PRs - princess 

PA - pleasing appendage 

PPs - possibly possessed 

Q - queen 

S & M - small & muscular 

SBBM - small bald black man 

SM - scout master 

SP - strange person 

SSV - seeking similar vices 

STU - shorter than usual 

SWR - sex without ropes

TH - thugee 

THAL - tall hairy Asian lady 

TG - transgendered 

TofC - trash of color 

UHA - under house arrest 

UT - unspecified trash 

UU - unexplainable &/or unsavoury 

UW - under warranty 

VP - very poor 

VR - very rich 

WBA - wanted by authorities 

WEP - weird English person 

WST -white supremacist trash 

WT - white trash 













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