Absolution For You



As soon as you have completed your Penance or Wottribution you will be granted Absolution personally by

Reverend Dame Wotta Tripp 



If you are ready to be absolved of sin, light a candle now to indicate that you have completed your penance & are truly sorrowful for the large amount of trouble you have probably caused.

If you have no candle then you can substitute by turning on an electric light or torch.

In an emergency you may light a flare or set off a firework or other small explosive device. 

You need have no fear of being forgotten, for Dame Wotta Tripp will notice your action wherever you are in any time zone & grant you your absolution.

Please Note: Lighting a cigarette or spliff as a substitute does not illicit a response and your absolution absolutely depends on you being truly sorry. DWT.

You will agree that you now long to feel the gentle, loving balm of Dame Wottaa Tripp's benevolent forgiveness as she grants you complete absolution.


Absolution Candle In The Wind

Click the Absolution Candle








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