Brought to you by Dame Wotta Tripp and her Happy Godchildren 



Peter Playing Dress-Up 

 Peter Upcropp, age 27, sent Wotta Tripp this adorable picture that he drew of himself.

He is modelling his wife Pam's blue two-piece skirt and top ensemble, along with the lovely, large gold earrings that her new friend bought for her when she went away a few weekends ago for an out-of-town work conference.

Peter wanted to stress the point that the hair you see in the art-work is in fact his own, but we can't really tell if he's a natural red-head or not, can we?.






1 And Three Quarters


Joanna Little designed this wonderful costume in the hope of tempting Wotta Tripp to change her wardrobe, and perhaps even to put away her hat.

Unfortunately Joanna, who is only 37 years old and understandably still a little naive, does not comprehend the true purpose of Dame Wotta Tripp's choice of outfits.

Joanna may have a career in design ahead of her, but it is likely she will remain working in the dog kennels where she has been employed for the last 8 years.

Thank you for your contribution, Jo.






Lance D.



Little Lance Dangerfield, aged 42, has sent Dame Wotta Tripp a charming picture of himself which expresses the happiness he feels when he detects her presence close to him.

Lance certainly does look happy, doesn't he?






Security with Wotta Tripp




This wonderful piece of art was sent to Dame Wotta by talented 53 years old Vincent Browne-Buffery.

It  depicts the feelings of security and love that have regularly washed over him since he was accepted as her godchild.

He feels it has given his already busy and full life extra structue and meaning and as a bonus he says that he can now sleep with the light off at night.








 Denise Potter, age 29, has sent in a picture of one of Dame Wotta Tripp's animal companions, Mog.

Mog is still smiling, despite only having three legs in the image.

Bless you, Denise!







Fairy From Desmond



Desmond Ontwerp has sent us a fairy!

Desmond, 25, likes it when it feels as though Dame Wotta Tripp is lightly stroking his forehead as he falls asleep at night, a phenomenon many godchildren have reported feeling during their year of contact.

Thank you, Desmond.







 Louis Garand sent Dame Wotta Tripp a picture he created to illustrate his near-death experience.

46 year old Louis fell into his local river while playing along it's banks and was almost swept away.

He credits Wotta Tripp with giving him the instructions that ultimately saved his life. "I could hear a little voice over the roar of the swollen waters, coming from far away" he stated. "If I hadn't followed the directions it gave, then I wouldn't be here today!"




Lindsay Steiner, aged 33, got quite an 'ouchy' when she fell from a tree during a rather unusual party.

Being in a body cast all summer is no fun, but Lindsay credits Dame Wotta Tripp with keeping her spirits up.

"I can feel her around like a cool Summer breeze" she confided. "It's comforting." Lately Lindsay has been creating art directly on her cast with a ballpoint pen. "There's not much to do while I'm in this state" she declared ruefully, "This pic is for Dame Wotta".




7 And A Half


 A minimalist piece created for Wotta Tripp by Janie Ashcrupple, 42.

She writes: "This is my fantasy landscape.

I would love to spend a week alone in this place with Dame Wotta receiving one-on-one mentoring."






   Brian is Doing Better Now 


Brian Burrower, 21, sends this cheerful hello to Dame Wotta Tripp.

Brian is doing a lot better since he became a godchild and is now allowed to go out in public once again as long as he's supervised.

Well done, Brian, keep up the good work!







Reading Glasses


Gifted Mindy Drabble created this collage of reading glasses as a tribute to Dame Wotta Tripp and the incredible amount of reading and writing she does in her efforts to advise and offer solace to people in need.

Mindy, who is 51, aspires to be more like Wotta Tripp.





Gavin's Special Friend   

 Gavin Vaughn, 27, sent this clever drawing of his imaginary friend to Wotta Tripp.

"We do everything together" he confides, "and if Dame Wotta was here as well everything would be more than perfect".









Sarah Spencer sends her loving energy to Dame Wotta Tripp through this charming self-portrait.

"My aim is to cheer everyone up", says 31 years happy Sarah!

"If I can bring a little brightness to Dame Wotta's day in return for what she has given me, then I'll be happy as well!" she explains, "and creating art gives me something to do while I'm at work".





Mary Needs AloneTime With A Friend And Some Bals

 49 year old Mary Tupper loves to play tennis and she sent this very nice painting to Dame Wotta Tripp, who Mary says has brought sunshine and purpose into her life since she became her godchild.

Playing hard on the court is Mary's way of dealing with stress. "I'm happiest when I'm playing" she explains. "When it's just me, a racquet, a friend and some balls, well, then I'm at peace."






 Barry Snelling is a 35 year old artist who enjoys asking people to pose in costume so that he can capture the very essence of a character on paper.

He likes being a godchild but admitted a little abashedly that Dame Wotta Tripp did warn and counsel him about finding models in bars late at night.

Pixie, who posed for the image above, damaged Barry slightly later on that very evening, blacking his eye when they couldn't agree on the price of 3 or 6 beers as a modelling fee. Looking at the weapon Pixie is holding, Wotta Tripp pointed out that he seems to have got off lightly - this time. 







Terrence McKendall sent in this very clever psychedelic rendition of Dame Wotta Tripp. Terrence, who will be 79 this year, claims that he met Wotta Tripp and her familiar Ishfold the cat in a vision in which he enjoyed a long and satisfying evening consorting with both she and the cat.

He claims that he learned many mysterious things that night. Thank you so much for the art, Terrence!







 Belinda Morcombe sent Dame Wotta Tripp this image of a busy bee to brighten up her day.

33 year old Belinda loves being a godchild, embroidering, walking, cooking and creating art.

Well done, Belinda!









Dave Fresno, who is 19, sent in this fantasy work that he says attempts to capture the sense of empowerment that being a godchild of Dame Wotta Tripp brings to him each and every day.

He feels this will be a landmark year in terms of his personal development and his career as a leatherworker.

"I have a book full of new designs I created and I can't wait to get started. I believe that I can make a marvellous new pointy hat for Wotta Tripp out of red leather" he explains.






This piece shows a lovely castle with a moat and was completed with pastels on on the sidewalk by Louis Blum, aged 18.

"I'm only just old enouh to be a godchild" he states "and its already been worth the $10!"







Shirhi Suzuki created this talented piece on an outside wall of her neighbour's home.

 "I see everything as a canvas" Shirhi confided to Wotta Tripp, "and the neighbours were asking for it anyway."

Shirhi is very generous to share her gift for art with her neighbourhood in this way.







Enzo Rocco did this watercolor plein air in his local cemetry, where he says there is always an abundance of both growing flowers and floral arrangements.

29 year old Enzo knows that Wotta Tripp enjoys flowers so painted this picture especially for her. How thoughtful!







This is the first of two collages that 54 year old Henry Mackie made for Wotta Tripp.

The images represent childhood memories.

Sadly, his first love passed away tragically in a strange skating accident  one cold, frozen winter night.








Real Fridge art from little Heidi Parker who is obviously very good with some words.

Heidi, 38, enjoys writing to Wotta Tripp for advice, eating ice cream and parakiting.

Good for you, Heidi!






Caroline Perrault is a politician who has great respect for Dame Wotta Tripp.

"I consider her a mentor" says 37 year old Caroline, "and in difficult situations I think, What would Wotta do?"

She has sent in a collage of herself and colleagues, completed during her extended lunch breaks.







22 years old Missy Charlston admits that she's no artist, but she still wanted to express her joy with life and her feelings of pleasure at being Wotta Tripp's godchild.

Missy confides: "I'm full of beans, and I intend to enjoy life. Dame Wotta Tripp is a steadying iinfluence in my life now. I've stopped hitch-hiking, although I am going back-packing in the Ozarks again soon. Life is for living!"







Annie Sutherland has painted this beautiful unicorn for Dame Wotta Tripp.

"It's not white because... well, it slipped up a bit, rather like me, and got into a fair amount of trouble."

Annie enjoys the presence of Wotta Tripp in her life. "Notice that the unicorn is still happy" she adds, "and there's a butterfly. Things will get better soon".





Marlon Smith-Dyck sent this painting of himself at work to show Dame Wotta Tripp that he had got a job as she had advised him to.

Dame Wotta Tripp Advice is attempting to discover what his new job is and will add this information if they ever receive it.

Marlon, 27, seems to be in a position of authority and looks good in his nice red hat.

Good luck, Marlon!







64 years old Dennis McCully suffers from disturbing nightmares. Now he is a godchild he says that he is protected during his bad dreams by a huge bird sent by Wotta Tripp to look out for him.

Here is his drawing of one of his nightmares where the bird is sitting in a tree. "Her name is Peckles", Dennis states matter-of-factly. 





Thomas Diller has sent Wotta Tripp a photo of some concrete art he created just for her.

Thomas, now 41, explains that he is an inspector with city hall. "I was just going out on a job when I notiiced they'd just re-done the concrete in front of our offices. 

I dedicated the piccy to Dame Wotta Tripp. This kind of art doesn't go away, rather like her" he adds, laughing to himself.






This is the second collage that Henry Mackie made.

This is a self-portrait.

And look, he used real countryside in his collage art!









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