Dame Wotta Tripp Welcomes You to a Brief Peek into The Dungeon


In The Cell







DWT Home




Without the sunshine and daylight warming it, and lit only by moonlight, Dame Wotta Tripp's abode seems foreboding and slightly sinister.




To seriously dark and malevolent errant souls, this might be a valid assessment. 










Punishment Chair




 The Dungeon for Errant Souls







At the rear of her property sits a lonely, stone building.



From the outside it appears small in size and circular, but rumours persist that it is in fact larger on the inside, that there are several secret lower levels and it's shape changes according to necessity and the number and type of inmates. 




This is because it is in fact a dungeon. 











Inside The Dungeon



There are a few photographs in existence of the inside of this prison and one is shown at right.


The sunshine is allowed in as it further incapacitates those imprisoned here.



It always seems empty. The prisoners are soul-aspects of evil and dangerous entities, both human and otherwise, and appear invisible to most human eyes. 



The Reverend Dame Wotta Tripp can certainly see them, however, and she explains that she keeps them held fast inside the dungeon with electro-magnetic frequencies, rather as a djinn is trapped in a bottle, ring or other object. 














A bench sits just outside the small stone edifice, and this is where Wotta Tripp sits and daily engages in attempts to rehabilitate the imprisoned soul fragments, which if released in their present condition would attempt to cause mayhem and destruction in various parts of the planet. 



It is sometimes dangerous work, but Reverend Wotta Tripp is an experienced mistress of the occult and is also a medium and an exorcist par excellence. Never fear, she is well equipped for the task at hand.


They will one day be released, but not until they are safe to unleash upon the world.




Shackles for the Dangerous






The Dungeon Kitchen



What are conditions like for the prisoners?



Well, it is a dungeon, and while Dame Wotta Trip decries the lack of justice in the world, and finds prison conditions for humans abhorrent, she says it is unfortunately a different matter when dealing with demons, reptilian and certain vampiristic entities.



The inmates do get fed if they request a meal. On the left can be seen the dungeon kitchen with Chef André.






There are certain steps and precautions need to be taken under these circumstances, so punishment, discipline and re-conditioning are very much a part of the process, and will remain so until Earth has evolved into the higher levels of the fourth dimension. 






Dame Wotta Tripp is always working hard, helping to keep the planet a slightly safer place for you!







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