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Ishfold has surprised the literary critics with his recent foray into the world of penmanship. Unusual though this may seem for a cat, Ishfold is producing poetry and not only that, he is working on 'Squirrel In The Wind' , a novel of 'urban terror and suspense'.


When Dame Wotta Tripp was the telepathic interpreter between Ishfold and an interviewer recently, Ishfold was asked several questions about qualities not usually associated with cats.


In answer to "Are you an intellectual?" Ishfold responded by stating that a lot of cats are intellectuals. What's more, he thinks that many humans already know this. "I think they (humans) already know this deep down" he stated, "they just can't admit it to themselves. Human beings don't like to give an inch of ground when it comes to power-plays."


'For a moment he looked speculative', wrote Jason Jacobs, an interviewer from 'Starlit Magazine', but then he said "It won't work for ever - there are things they just don't know."


This provocative statement obviously piques the interest, but when Wotta Tripp was asked if she could explain further she declined, stating that "doubtless the passage of time will reveal all things to us"


Enigmatic and unsatisfactory as these answers seem to be, they only make these unique poems, rare insights into the soul of a cat, even more intriguing and lyrical.


Below is 'Babbling', the first poem Ishfold ever composed, and which he dedicated to Dame Wotta Tripp:


If the babbling brook were silver,

And the falling leaves real gold,  

And the wind-blown birds were precious gems 

More precious still your soul. 



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by Ishfold

by Ishfold






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