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Testimonials for the T-Empirica Experience  

Read some of the overwhelming experiences that people have gone through after downloading and experiencing Dame Wotta Tripp's holographic ™T-Empirica (TE) quantum-bytes. 


Hi! I downloaded  'A Surprise'  and I'm still a bit rattled more than three months later. I never, ever expected to see him like that, and I could tell from the terrible look on his face (which I will never forget) that he hadn't expected it either. I often find myself wishing I hadn't done it. Still, it's better to know really so that you can move on, isn't it? I couldn't have lived with it, not once I'd seen it. Pam G.  


Absolutely freakin' far out (the purple journey thingy)! Thanks, DWT. This is one broad who knows what she's doin'. Right on! Rick 'Doobey' Jones. 


Wotta-Soothe - wotta experience! Like resting comfortably on two giant, soft, warm, luxurious, perfumed, pillowy bosoms. Slept like a baby that night! Jubb Y. 


I ate an Alien Probe, and I have to say that it tasted quite peculiar. I swallowed it on a dare while I was three sheets to the wind, which was dumb, because 'it' didn't happen until almost two days later when I was stone-cold sober. It came as quite a shock, and the only good thing about it is that it happened when I was in the shower, because I felt quite 'used' and dishevelled afterwards. Ronny 


Notoriety did my self-esteem a world of good and made me some swift cash as well. Would recommend! Noel


Whistle Down the Wind. WOW!! Just - wow! A magical and colourful alternative experience to life. Tamsin D


I absolutely agree with you, Tamsin, but have you tried Sea Spell of the Siren? That will put the blossom back on your plum tree! Lucas 


I had an absolutely lovely experience after downloading 'Brush With the Authorities'. Next time I'm swallowing it. Thanks so much! Layla H


Am suing that damn Wotta Trapp character. I thought that Stunning Revelation would bring me Biblical visions. Hell, no! Instead it has ruined my life. Sometimes it's better not to know! Violet C

Please Note: Violet has since withdrawn her foolish threats and has apologized properly and thoroughly to Dame Wotta Tripp and Dame Wotta Tripp Advice, who have chosen to forgive her and take the matter no further. DWTA. 


Hell was so cool - no way am I going to Heaven. Darryl


It wasn't Hell, it was Heaven. Got them mixed up. Took Hell this time and found out. Jesus! My question to the Dame is this: Should Heaven and Hell be next to each other on the list? Easy mistake for someone to make. Just sayin'. Darryl


I tried Cloud Dissolve and it worked! Could hardly believe it! Going on holiday to Ireland to practice. Amos


My sister tried Mysterious Event. It was scary, but still cool, and I'm going to do it on the weekend at a party. Will come back and tell what happened. Traci K


After taking 'The Hat of Wotta' I am a more broad-minded and compassionate person. It was a fascinating voyage of discovery, travelling through parts of Dame Wotta Tripp's incredible and convoluted mind in that way. The things I've seen! Thoroughly recommended, but make sure you have a free day to recover in afterwards! Frank


I have to report that Celebration is a great experience, even with the hangover and brief court appearance. In future I would not hesitate to recommend that somebody else takes it instead of me. Dominic


Hello. I benefitted quite a lot from Free Turn. I won't say how, as my middle name is discretion, but just that I was ready and waiting when my opportunity arose. Anthea McWorrell. 


I ate Hot Coals to test my courage. I have discovered that if you take Hot Coals, and about two hours afterwards Wotta-Soothe, that a peak experience is later achieved, due to the relief. Very nice! I find that marigold and aloe balm is a good remedy for slight burns. Colin B


Thunderclap rocks, even if you're straight when it happens! Sadie


As a fearless psychonaut I can tell you honestly that Time Tunnel will satisfy even the most experienced 'traveler'. Not for the faint of heart. Julio.  


My sister Traci disappeared the day after a party where she took the TE Mysterious Event. I took it and I didn't disappear 'cos I'm writing this, but she has. If anyone knows anything, email me: mandi69@qmail.com. I'm taking Assignation tomorrow. Mandi


T-Empirica's are great. My favourites so far are Hypnotic Command, Underwater World and Jealousy. Dan


Brain-Freeze is something everyone should try before they die, and even if taking it nearly kills you, it's well, well worth it. Duane S


Knowledge of Djinn is a fantastic kick-starter for anybody's magic career. Highly recommended! Mistress Cybele


Eatin' them like candy!! J.T


Taking the TE Memory Loss has helped me through some difficult circumstances. I know I blanked a lot, but you don't really miss what you never had. I don't like exams or funerals anyway, so it's all probably worked out for the best. I'll make up with the family in a year or two, no fear. Sue S


Stay away from Skinwalker unless you have nerves of tempered steel and a stomach to match. I've never been so frightened in my life and the massage was revolting. As soon as it ended I downloaded a Four-Leafed Clover so that I had something to look forward to, you know? Conrad 


Are you people crazy?? There's something seriously wrong here. Sooner or later something will go very wrong for someone. It's like playing chicken with your mental health! Greg


I tend to agree with you, Greg. How do you know that it's not really a secret experiment or a black-ops project that you're all getting involved with? What do any of you really know about this so-called Dame Wotta Tripp? Perhaps someone should look into it? Suspicious


I'm with you guys, but the experiences you get with the Heaven and Paradise lozenges are to die for. I don't think I can quite stop downloading them. Do you think they're addictive? Liz. 


Thank God, Traci came back! She had met someone and went away for a long weekend. She said the Mysterious Event was great, even if it didn't last too long. As she said, I was being paranoid. Mandi


The amazing Snake-Bite Trip has opened my mind to new experiences. Remembering it, my body trembles, each muscle and nerve-ending primed with zinging, tingling expectation. Effervescent venom. Gosh! I fly, I swoop, pain turns to acceptance, acceptance turns to bliss and bliss to understanding. You'll want to cover the bed with plastic before popping this one. Maya 


T-Empiricas offer unparalleled opportunities to explore our quantum reality while remaining 'safe at home' at a core level. As a Spiritual practitioner I have found them to be a useful addition to my 'toolbox of love'. I routinely use Starship, Synchronicity and Unexpected Gift in my work. Christopher Jophlin


Tiny-Curse works well, because after it's over you're very grateful for what you have got in life. It's also fun to trick other people into taking them! Ashlee


Sudden Ecstasy works in an excellent manner. Three of us took it and when it kicked in the next morning we rolled around like kitties in catnip for almost three hours. 


My sister Mandi took the Assignation download. I think she ate it as well. The thing is, she's disappeared. If anyone has any advice, please email sizzlingtraci@qmail.com. I contacted Dame Wotta Tripp, but I haven't heard back from her yet. Traci K


Visitation was an amazingly intense and scary experience, but I think that ultimately I benefitted from it. After all that was over, I downloaded and sucked on the Unexpected Gift until it was all gone, as a sort of reward for not running screaming from the 'creature' that showed up the day before. Couldn't place the flavour, but it was quite exotic. When the 'gift' was revealed the next day, I was thrilled. I now have a new and wonderfully cute pet (complete opposite of the monster). Also, the day after that, someone left a bag of fresh garden veggies outside my door, so I reckon the download was still working. Great free service. Bobby


I don't think that T-Empirica should even be allowed. I think that Wotta Tripp is an irresponsible old witch and I don't know why people keep falling for all her crap. Evan G


The Down-low on the downloads? Go for it, folks. More exhilarating than bungee jumping, and sometimes twice as scary, but with none of the risk. Great to Share with people you are close to. The Morgan twins


Surrounded by Snakes is a test of courage for some and a heart-warming experience for others. Test your primal connection to the natural world and experience snake-energy up-close-and-personal. Sssssss! 9.4 out of 10 for Wotta Tripp! Rainbow Bubbles. 


I love Hearing Voices. I'm lonely and I find it very soothing to listen to as I'm falling asleep. Edwyn


See-A-Fairy is the most wonderful experience. I've found that downloading and eating three at once gives a longer, smoother and more intense visual experience. Is that cheating, lol? Deborah Jenkins


The awesome exhilaration experienced upon the unleashing of Force of Nature buggers belief. Just say yes! Joey M





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Pay her good money to destroy your rival's (or your own) website, magazine or company with her exemplary advice and articles. No business too large!


"Once you see her, you will never forget her" is exactly true, when you're talking about DWT. Dazzling demonstrations of mind reading! She had the audience in the palm of her hand & blew us away by accurately revealing our inner thoughts! She divulged phone numbers, social security numbers, personal addresses & the names of lovers, all while still making us laugh, smile and dance!"

- Trend Realty Executives Awards 

Dame Wotta Tripp drew vast amounts of business my way due to the publicity surrounding the court case - I would recommend her writing with absolutely no reservations (it's too late anyway) wottsoever.

- London Ted

"We thank Dame Wotta Tripp again for her  presentation which was incredibly entertaining and frankly, astounding! Those of us who are still working here look forward to seeing her at next year's culling."

- Black Tide Commerce, Inc. 

Dame Wotta Tripp Can Help Even You

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"All  barriers of race and custom disappeared because of her phenomenal audience interaction. The fact that Wotta Tripp got a lengthy standing ovation from this diverse group as they tried to find the exit before smoke engulfed the building shows that she is the absolute best!" 

- Grieve & Associates


"The rave reviews about Dame Wotta Tripp 's performance are still circulating . Her sizzling presentation wrapped up our awards banquet, both at the Yacht Club and afterwards in the hospital emergency room. She blew us out of the water!"   

- Edge Commerce 2011 Global Sales Kick-Off


"Dame Wotta Tripp's customized presentation reinforced our message of client connectivity in a unique and memorable way, while her mentalism demonstrations were not only out of this world, but also eerie! How does she know so much? How does she tell you not only the city and address of your home, but then also describe what the rooms look like from the inside and how you behave in them when you're having an episode?"

- Beyond Hope Mental Health Association 


"Dame Wotta Tripp brought laughs, amazement, and fun to our meeting, providing magic audience participation, with people repeatedly appearing and disappearing all night long. This set a perfect tone for our year's-end meeting."

- Association for the Visually Impaired


"Thankfully, there is no way that anyone else can do what Dame Wotta Tripp does. During cocktails Dame Wotta mingled with us all and performed some of her one-on-one psychic readings and then remained after her presentation for almost twelve hours, reading minds and talking to our customers, all the while keeping the exit doors magically locked ... incredible!"

- Entwhistle Locksmiths' Association


"At our National Manager’s meeting Dame Wotta was fantastic. Her informative, inspirational, yet entertaining presentation struck straight to the heart of the matter. Right after the event her books went flying right off the table! Fortunately, there were few injuries reported and the evenings undertakings continued in a sensational manner. Nobody can hold a candle to her!"

- Phoenix Casket Company, Inc. 


"Dame Wotta Tripp's performance stopped traffic & mesmerized the crowd. However, she didn’t stop there, creating a huge buzz at our show by drawing thousands of attendees & successfully driving qualified leads right through our booth. The loud splintering noises attracted a huge crowd. You get more than your money's worth, when you use Wotta Tripp!"

-  Fortune Construction Ltd.


"Dame Wotta Tripp did a fantastic job helping our movement become the center of attention on the trade show floor. We more than doubled our total traffic and had a whopping increase in leads. We have never, ever had to change the toilet rolls at our trade show before - we had to change them twice this year! The best money we’ve ever spent!"

- Blinding Insight Movement


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