OddJobs - The Dating Service for Particularly Peculiar People


For Left-Over, Colourful & Very Odd People  


In a World where you normally just don't matter, Wotta Tripp genuinely cares! 

You are no longer alone in your strange inner kingdom.  


Meet others just as unusual! Form alliances and begin eccentric romances!  


Your peculiarities will tie you together and bind you one to another far more firmly than in a normal relationship, because after all, you are more than a little bizarre, aren't you? 


With all your unique and abnormal attributes it necessitates you attaching closely and like glue to another curious soul such as yourself.  


Your outlandish and singular characteristics will ensure your relationship will be exclusive and last a lifetime, or longer.  


Perhaps your experiences have left you a little twisted, but some of the most beautiful trees have achieved their peculiar and winsome shapes from withstanding howling gales and being lashed by icy rain and enduring intemperate temperatures. 


Here are a few helpful tips from Wotta Tripp Advice: 


·        Remain positive and try to think of yourself as distinguished rather than outlandish and more distinctive and singular than queer and quirky 

·        Make 'Weird can be Wonderful' your new mantra, and repeat it often 

·        Be proud of your more interesting features. Look people straight in the eye and discuss your differences openly. Looking back, you might be glad you did! 

·        Remember that many of the greatest minds have belonged to people who are markedly offbeat and quirky. They still left their enduring and idiosyncratic stamp on life!






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