Feel the Love




Are You Longing for that Motherly Touch in Your Life?


Feel Wotta Tripp's tender concern spreading warmly through your life, filling you with joy and a little bit of apprehension, as is befitting for an errant child.

But who could truly fear Dame Wotta Tripp, tireless crusader for human beings everywhere?

You are probably eager to experience her magical astral touch, soothing and comforting you even from afar. You can do so, if you are selected.


What does Dame Wotta Tripp's Magickal Presence in Your Life Actually Feel Like?. 

It is meant to be a wonderful, uplifting and beneficial experience.


What Does it Take to Become the Reverend Wotta Tripp's Godchild?

 Well, you must be at the very least a slightly special adult child. Do you believe you are special? Do you have some of the required qualities?


To be considered as a possible candidate for adoption by Dame Wotta Tripp you must have at least 4 of the following attributes:


You are: 

·        a highly motivated individual 

·        at least 75% human 

·        above average intelligence, in your own opinion 

·        creative 

·        kind, thoughtful & attentive - in short, mindful 

·        under 90 years of age 

·        working on a top secret project 

·        eager to learn & experience new things 



It is mandatory that you be over the age of 19 and in need of love and motherly guidance. 


If you feel this service could be perfect for you, feel free to apply. Wotta Tripp will always review each application individually and personally. 


Please Note: By applying you are agreeing to Dame Wotta Tripp viewing you remotely and possibly using quantum potentiometers and other multi-dimensional equipment to better assess your godchild suitability.




Click on the banner below for more detailed information or to apply to be Dame Wotta Tripp's godchild

 You Could be a Fairy Godchild!









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