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Feel the Love 



"My experience with Wotta Tripp as my magickal godmother for a year was, well, magical. I felt loved, comforted & disciplined throughout the entire experience. It has taught me some valuable life lessons, and I feel I am now a better, more polished & well-rounded lavender fuzzy creature."  

Wally G. 


"I cried when my year was up. Even though the relief was palpable, I just missed her so much. To see the comforting silhouette of her hat against the bedroom wall after a nightmare used to help drive the dark away by morning. I love you, Dame Wotta!" 

Anne Wilson 


"Dame Wotta Tripp (although I like to think of her privately as Mother) kept her dynamic delivery of maternal vibrations coming all year long! I am about to re-apply to be a godchild, because I find her ministrations soothing and there is something addictive about the feeling you get when she's in your life. Love you, Mother! xox." 

Daisy Parker 


"So often I could feel her presence near me, watching. It gave me a strange sort of confidence. I live with my real mother & I told her every time I could feel Dame Wotta Tripp's presence around the house. She said that it was funny, because she thought the brandy in the decanter went down strangely on those days. I don't believe that at all though! I think she is just jealous."  

Pat Green   


"I come from a family of sociopaths and misfits, so life hasn't been easy for me, and I had never known anything remotely normal until she, Wotta Tripp, came into my life. The great example she set gave me something to live up to. Even though my year is up, I think of her very fondly and always include her in my prayers. I have had a hat made especially like hers, and I love to wear it out on a windy, autumnal day while eating a sour apple." 

Cy Behr 


It's been a great year, perhaps even the best of my life so far. I still have a little time left and I'm going to make the most of it. It's very comforting. I felt her tucking me into bed one night when I had 'flu, and more amazingly, one morning when I was late for work I was hurrying and not paying proper attention. I was just about to step out and cross the road when I felt a hand and arm press firmly agaist my midriff, barring my way. At that very moment a huge truck came whizzing round the corner far too fast, and if that invisible arm had not been holding me back it woud probably have been my final moment on earth. Thank you, Wotta Tripp!

G. Fugghett


"We loved that Wotta Tripp agreed to be a group Magick Godmother for us all at a discount price. I can't tell you how excited we were! Her presence bolstered us up during a long, difficult year fraught with over-the-top criminal activities. We've thoroughly dealt with that issue, and all our officers are behaving very well now, thanks to DWT. We think it's because of her firm mentoring capabilities along with the warning dreams that always arrived in a timely manner." 

Dingly Dell Police Department 


"Having Dame Wotta Tripp in your life is an astonishing experience all round. The year seemed to fly by very fast, but I could sense her presence near to me on special occasions. When times were tough I could feel her strength giving me courage, and often I would smell patchouli or lavender oil (and once camphorated spirits) at the same time! Funny thing, though, my bratty little cousin Jenny, who can be more annoying than a flock of drunken seagulls at a bake sale, swore that her hair got pulled by an invisible presence whenever I could feel Wotta Tripp around. Icing on the top!"  

Veronica P. 


"It's amazing how real that woman's presence in my life is. For instance, I had to take an exam and I wasn't on my best form. I was nervous and simply couldn't remember the answer to an important question. I literally heard a voice in my ear giving me the answer. I know it was Dame Wotta Tripp because I saw her shadow and the unmistakeable line of her pointy hat thing pass swiftly across the west wall of the classroom. Things like that have been happening for months, and I still have 7 more to go! Oh, and I usually smell violets and sometimes something slightly more exotic that I can't place when she's near. Very pleasant. Very happy with the service so far!" 

Allen Rivera 


"For years I was plagued with vague fears about many things. I was anxious and withdrawn. Now whenever I have an opportunity and I feel like turning it down it's like someone is standing behind my shoulder, egging me on. I hear a rather strange voice in my head giving me instructions. In this way I've been prompted to do many things I would otherwise have been too scared to attempt. These include sky-diving, white-water rafting, hang-gliding and joining a rock-hounding club. It's easier to talk to people and I've got some new friends. I'm taking up ballroom dancing and bee-keeping next week. I feel great now, thanks to DWT." 

Ashlea H.


"I've been crying a lot since my year as a Godchild finished. It seemed very harsh, being cut off so suddenly like that. I could tell she wasn't there so much straight away. You get used to certain things. I used to think I could feel her patting me firmly but kindly on the head at bedtime. Things did go very well, though, last year. I don't think it's quite right though, stopping the service like that, even if it tapers off gradually. You still miss it. It should probably be two years you ought to get, at least. I'll apply again soon, I think. On my birthday, which is in summer, a mosquito hovered around me first thing in the morning, and I could distinctly hear it humming the tune of 'Happy Birthday To You' at me. It was very clear. Anyway, I knew it was Dame Wotta wishing me all the best, so I didn't mind too much when the mosquito bit me. I'm sure it was a long, tiring way to fly!"

Lindsay N.  






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Dame Wotta Tripp Is For Hire!
Pay her good money to destroy your rival's (or your own) website, magazine or company with her exemplary advice and articles. No business too large!


"Once you see her, you will never forget her" is exactly true, when you're talking about DWT. Dazzling demonstrations of mind reading! She had the audience in the palm of her hand & blew us away by accurately revealing our inner thoughts! She divulged phone numbers, social security numbers, personal addresses & the names of lovers, all while still making us laugh, smile and dance!"

- Trend Realty Executives Awards 

Dame Wotta Tripp drew vast amounts of business my way due to the publicity surrounding the court case - I would recommend her writing with absolutely no reservations (it's too late anyway) wottsoever.

- London Ted

"We thank Dame Wotta Tripp again for her  presentation which was incredibly entertaining and frankly, astounding! Those of us who are still working here look forward to seeing her at next year's culling."

- Black Tide Commerce, Inc. 

Dame Wotta Tripp Can Help Even You

Click on the picture above to see how Wotta Tripp can help even you!

"All  barriers of race and custom disappeared because of her phenomenal audience interaction. The fact that Wotta Tripp got a lengthy standing ovation from this diverse group as they tried to find the exit before smoke engulfed the building shows that she is the absolute best!" 

- Grieve & Associates


"The rave reviews about Dame Wotta Tripp 's performance are still circulating . Her sizzling presentation wrapped up our awards banquet, both at the Yacht Club and afterwards in the hospital emergency room. She blew us out of the water!"   

- Edge Commerce 2011 Global Sales Kick-Off


"Dame Wotta Tripp's customized presentation reinforced our message of client connectivity in a unique and memorable way, while her mentalism demonstrations were not only out of this world, but also eerie! How does she know so much? How does she tell you not only the city and address of your home, but then also describe what the rooms look like from the inside and how you behave in them when you're having an episode?"

- Beyond Hope Mental Health Association 


"Dame Wotta Tripp brought laughs, amazement, and fun to our meeting, providing magic audience participation, with people repeatedly appearing and disappearing all night long. This set a perfect tone for our year's-end meeting."

- Association for the Visually Impaired


"Thankfully, there is no way that anyone else can do what Dame Wotta Tripp does. During cocktails Dame Wotta mingled with us all and performed some of her one-on-one psychic readings and then remained after her presentation for almost twelve hours, reading minds and talking to our customers, all the while keeping the exit doors magically locked ... incredible!"

- Entwhistle Locksmiths' Association


"At our National Manager’s meeting Dame Wotta was fantastic. Her informative, inspirational, yet entertaining presentation struck straight to the heart of the matter. Right after the event her books went flying right off the table! Fortunately, there were few injuries reported and the evenings undertakings continued in a sensational manner. Nobody can hold a candle to her!"

- Phoenix Casket Company, Inc. 


"Dame Wotta Tripp's performance stopped traffic & mesmerized the crowd. However, she didn’t stop there, creating a huge buzz at our show by drawing thousands of attendees & successfully driving qualified leads right through our booth. The loud splintering noises attracted a huge crowd. You get more than your money's worth, when you use Wotta Tripp!"

-  Fortune Construction Ltd.


"Dame Wotta Tripp did a fantastic job helping our movement become the center of attention on the trade show floor. We more than doubled our total traffic and had a whopping increase in leads. We have never, ever had to change the toilet rolls at our trade show before - we had to change them twice this year! The best money we’ve ever spent!"

- Blinding Insight Movement


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