It Isn't Natural


It Isn't Natural



The strange fruit of unnatural unions 

Are banished quite far beneath Earth, 

And deep, hidden caverns still echo  

To the sounds of a terrible mirth. 


Yet all creatures still need acceptance, 

Even the cowering mouse, 

Which I patiently play with for hours on end 

Before rewarding it well with my mouth. 


Sometimes a natural feeling 

Turns into a terrible thing, 

And scales mix with fur and with feathers, 

And beasts from the water grow wings. 


And furred things grow beaks and sharp talons, 

And feathered get covered with scales, 

While fins sprout from slithering serpents, 

And little hands wriggle on whales. 


So even though everything's equal 

And opportunities come as they may, 

It is wise to surmise that some things should not be, 

And say no at the end of the day. 




by Ishfold

by Ishfold





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