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What Does Dame Wotta Tripp Offer To Her Godchildren?



The duty of a godparent is to sponsor a child, and usually this is a life-long endeavour, undertaken by a family member, or at the very least someone close to the family. 


Naturally, this kind of sponsorship is not possible in these circumstances. 


Instead, Dame Wotta Tripp offers a year of sponsorship to successful candidates that enable them to feel a profound connection to her loving demeanour and timeless wisdom. 


Most people can feel her nurturing presence quite strongly after the initial connection is created. 


Not only does Wotta Tripp invite her godchildren to study with her in her astral college,  The Wotta Tripp Invisible College of Magick (coming soon to Dame Wotta Tripp Advice) each night while their bodies sleep, but she also counsels and warns them in times of trouble or imminent danger.

Sometimes the shadow of her hat can be seen against a wall or through a window, gliding silently by. This gives a feeling of security to her godchildren.



How Does Wotta Tripp Initiate the New Relationship? 

Dame Wotta Tripp formulates a close astral bond with her godchildren on the first day of the new relationship which is to last 365 full days. 


She will place two astral cords, one into your etheric and one into your astral body which will serve as a conduit for her services during your sponsorship.  


These cords are completely natural and harmless and are designed to slowly begin dissolving after the sponsorship is ended. This will lead to a slow severing of ties rather than a sudden ending due to the abrupt rupture of the cords. 


This allows the energies to wane naturally rather than having a 'cold turkey' situation where Dame Wotta Tripp's ministrations cease very suddenly and possibly traumatically. 


When the cords are completely dissolved the connection will be severed. This will not leave a scar on either your astral or etheric body, just a little mark that will fade away within two weeks. 


Wotta Tripp is always concerned that your experience is as pleasant, positive and perfect as it possibly can be. 



Requirements of the Candidate 

It is required of the applicant that they have certain qualities to make this sponsorship worth their while. If you are considering taking this exciting first step, please understand that there is no point in applying if you don't have the intrinsic desire to better yourself, get more out of life and learn more. 


If you are motivated and at least three-quarters human then you might qualify for this service. Ideally, you are slightly above average intelligence, creative, eager and full of ideas, over 19 and under 90 years of age as well as being a kind, thoughtful individual who cares a great deal about all life. 


Although this represents the ideal candidate, please do not be discouraged if this doesn't seem to scream 'you'. By all means apply, because Dame Wotta Tripp will calibrate your DNA results with the data she will collect by remote viewing you and assess your application very fairly. 


If she can be of service to you, your application will be accepted and you will be contacted by Dame Wotta Tripp Advice


If this is indeed what you truly want, then please go right ahead and apply to be Dame Wotta Tripp's godchild. 



How Can I Apply Right Now? 

To apply to make Dame Wotta Tripp your Commater for a full year, simply use the... button to e-mail explaining briefly why you wish to be a godchild and what you hope to gain from the service and then go to the 'submit Your DNA Sample' page to complete your application. Good luck to you! 



Is It Expensive? 

No. Simply supply a love offering of $13 through PayPal once you have been accepted and your sponsorship will begin automatically. Your printable certificate will be sent to the email address you provide. 



How Long Does It Take? 

Your application will be considered swiftly and you should know within a week whether you have or have not been accepted.  


Very rarely Dame Wotta Tripp will require more information from an applicant.  



How Long Will It Last?

Your Godchild status will last for a full 365 day year. The dates will be printed on your certificate. Leap years are taken into consideration. 



DNA Samples 

Before acceptance you will be directed to the 'Submit Your DNA Sample' 

page where simple instructions will be given to you. You can deliver your sample via your monitor screen in complete privacy after you have submitted your application to Dame Wotta for consideration. 



What Does The Certificate Look Like? 

Below is a real certificate that was issued to a godchild. If you were a godchild you would receive the same digital certificate ready to be printed out and framed for your wall, only with your details upon it. 


Wotta Tripp is certain that after a year of sponsorship, with all the benefits that it can bring to your table, you will treasure it as a family heirloom, and encourage your children and grandchildren to seek godchild status as well.


For the successful candidate, Dame Wotta will be available to cater to their family at a generational level for at least the next two hundred years. 



Magickal Godmother Certificate

An Example of the Magickal Godmother Certificate






What Do Dame Wotta Tripp's Godchildren Have To Say?  

You may read some of their testimonials by clicking the link below.


Godchild Testimonials





Click the button below to email Dame Wotta Tripp. Give the required information as directed and don't forget to leave your email address or you will not receive your certificate and the other information pertinent to your brand new godchild status.



Apply for Godchild Status



Next, click the order button below to pay for the Magick Godmother Service. If you are not accepted your love offering of $13 will not be processed. 




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