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What is a  T-Empirica ?

A    T-Empirika (TE ) is an idea whose time has arrived, a holographic download 'quantum byte' that allows you to sample situations and states of mind very temporarily in a safe environment, causing you no lasting damage and very few after-shocks.  

Simply scroll down the list and download the experiences you want to have in the form of a gem or symbol. 



It is actually better if you pop the TE's  into your mouth and swallow them or suck them until they are gone, but they can present a choking hazard and the texture of a few of them is unusual. Some of the flavours are lovely; for instance the first one, 'A Surprise', is flavoured with an infusion of dill and grapefruit essence. 

For those of you who don't know how to do this and are not quite so daring, simply right-click the experience of your choice and save it to your computer. 

The  TE's  are designed to deliver a strong experience, with the high or low-points lasting from a few minutes to approximately two hours, depending on which type of encounter you desire to have knowledge of.  

 Although many people will have wonderful experiences, t  here are only five available  TE's   that are consistently pleasant or better to experience, and these are 'Celebration', 'Heaven', 'Paradise' , 'Sudden Ecstasy' and 'Wotta-Soothe'.


Some of the experiences are mixed, or contain unexpected elements. 

A lot of it depends upon the experiencer. 


What Will Happen When I Download My   T-Empirica

It will slowly unfold itself in a fractal fashion, taking anywhere from between five hours to two whole days to do so. After this, the program will run according to a pre-conditioned set of quantum possibilities designed to interface with your own consciousness.  


The timing and duration of your experience cannot be precisely pinpointed. It will be unique to you and you alone. 


It is not advised that you download or eat more than 4 at a time as too many will make it difficult to process the incoming data successfully. This could lead to an overload, with childish tantrums as well as other emotional difficulties and tummy upsets being the most frequently reported symptoms of this condition. 


What Will My Experiences Be Like?

They will be subjective and will become intense. That is why they are designed to run for only a short length of time. 


You might, for example, decide to experience 'Cloud-Dissolve', 'Jealousy', 'A Surprise', and 'Secret Knowledge'.  


'Cloud-Dissolve'  can be specific or more abstract in its execution. You may discover an unexpected sunny break in a rain-filled day, right as you go out for lunch. It can also be used in a more literal sense, and will enable you to dissolve one small cloud by concentrating on it, and you will be privileged to see it slowly vanish as other similarly-sized clouds around it remain approximately the same size. A bonus to this activity is that once you have learned to de-materialize a cloud, you will always usually be able to do so, and that you have taken the first baby-steps to mastering both the elements and your own self. 


'Jealousy'  will allow you to feel a good two hours of  profoundly jealous or envious emotion. This could manifest merely as a causeless feeling, disturbing but soon forgotten, or the program might operate in a different mode, creating a 'situation' where you are in fact forced to experience this negative condition in reality, albeit briefly. In this instance the program ran and found an area of personal weakness or a potential future problem which needed attention drawing to it. 


'A Surprise'  is just that. Anything could happen, but it will only last an hour or two and will not harm you physically beyond the expected (and carefully monitored by the program) stress reaction. It could be a negative or positive experience, depending on how the program runs in response to the experiencer's psyche. In fact, some programs last merely seconds or minutes, although they tend to leave a lasting impression. 


'Secret Knowledge'  can offer an extremely wide variety of experiences, from stumbling across top-secret black-ops projects and consequently being visited by Men In Black to discovering where Great Aunt Belinda hid her diamond necklace before she slipped from her perch. Or you could receive a windfall and benefit financially, or perhaps you will instead inherit a haunted item of jewellery. The future is wide open and already chock full of a massive array of disturbing and scintillating secrets. Get yours.



Please Note:  You download or put these  TE's  in your mouth at your own risk. Be aware that eating them can make your experience at least twice as intense.  


There is a very slight possibility that your event will occur while you are asleep. If after 3 days you have still not completed your experience, or if you have a dream about your experience instead, then please come back and download a replacement TE from this page. They will activate only once each per download. 


  T-Empiricas  are programmed not to activate while driving, operating dangerous machinery, engaging in sexual activities or in any type of activity that would put you at risk if you were to find yourself experiencing, say, 'Alien Probe' or 'Fist-Fight'.  


Just think if something like that happened while out in public! It could quite possibly result in an injury to yourself or casual passers-by. 


Not all events necessarily have to be dramatic. 'A Strange Synchronicity' could appear on the television rather than in real life, while 'A Hellish Event' could manifest as being stuck in an elevator with a drunk stranger for two hours during a heat-wave. Stay alert for subtle signs such as these.  




All  ™  T-Empiricas are created for you by Dame Wotta Tripp herself using only the freshest and finest of  ™Bottled Wottle Essences.



Right-click your selected experiences from the list below and save them to your computer's hard drive. 






A SurpriseA Surprise





Alien EncounterAlien Encounter 





Alien HandAlien Hand





Alien ProbeAlien Probe





All AloneAll Alone















Astral JourneyAstral Journey





Brush With the AuthoritesBrush With the Authorites










Cloud DissolveCloud Dissolve















Desert DreamDesert Dream
























Force of NatureForce of Nature





Four-Leafed CloverFour-Leafed Clover





Free TurnFree Turn






Hearing VoicesHearing Voices















Hellish ExperienceHellish Experience





Hot CoalsHot Coals





Hypnotic Command!Hypnotic Command!





Into the Hollow EarthInto the Hollow Earth










Knell of DoomKnell of Doom





Knowledge of DjinnKnowledge of Djinn





Memory LossMemory Loss





Mysterious EventMysterious Event
































Parallel UniverseParallel Universe





Past Life MemoryPast-Life





Presence of the Sugar Plum FairyPresence of the Sugar Plum Fairy





Psychic ExperiencePsychic Experience





Sea Spell of the SirenSea Spell of the Siren





Secret KnowledgeSecret Knowledge





See A FairySee-A-Fairy
















Sirius LessonSirius Lesson











Sleep ParalysisSleep Paralysis






Snake-Bite TripSnake-Bite Trip























Strange SynchronicityStrange Synchronicity






Stunning RevelationStunning Revelation





Sudden EcstasySudden Ecstasy






Sudden ScareSudden Scare






Surprise SpellSurprise Spell





Surprise TripSurprise Trip















Temporal PowerTemporal Power





The Hat of WottaThe Multi-Dimensional Hat of Wotta










Time TunnelTime-Tunnel










Treasure TroveTreasure Trove






Underwater WorldUnderwater World






Unexpected GiftUnexpected Gift






















Whistle Down The WindWhistle-Down-the-Wind












Wrath of WottaWrath of Wotta









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  T-Empirica - A Safer Experience Than Reality



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