FELIDICTA - A Tiny Dictionary of Words that Cats use in Their Conversations 


Do you ever wonder what cat's talk about, and what you might be missing?




Now you can learn a little bit of the private language that cat's use when they discuss together things that concern domestic cats. See the surprise on your cat's face when she or he hears you use the terms below!

Translated from Kit-E-Kat by Ishfold and April Moon (Secretary, Dame Wotta Tripp Advice).




Diarrhoea afflicting humans or animals.



Bitter-beast is the name that a cat applies to a large monster of mythic variety which is not of kind or placid temperament. Such a creature might be expected to present with flashing, saucer-sized red eyes, sparking, pawing hooves and perhaps a rolling, displeased eye. A frightening and dangerous beast to be avoided at all costs.



Food that cats don't favour. Cheap kitty crunchies. Junk food with no nutritional value.



Cooked chicken prepared by a human and given chopped to a cat.


Ear Drobes 

The long fur and whiskers that grow in and around a cat's ears.


Grass Shark 

A young, undisciplined cat interested only in hunting and playing.


Holdage Markages 

Some cat's possess two dark spots on either side of their nose. When a kitten displays them it is indicated to him or her that these marks were left when the kitten was held in place on the assembly line while being detailed in the 'kitten shoppe'. It's considered an appealing addition to the cat's visage, as a dimple might be to a human or elephant.



An eagle or other large raptor or bird of prey, including thunderbirds and pterodactyls.


Internest Snake 

The internet connection cable.



A slang term for catnip, a herb much favoured by cats. It is a stimulant and a digestive conditioner the esssental oils of which induce a special state in felines, causing them to roll in ecstasy and indulge in horizontal free-form dance routines. See also 'roller' and 'squurl'.


Noggy Bag 

Ishfold refers to a 'noggy bag' which seems to be a secret storage place to keep extra things in. Could this refer to the 'belly bag' that big cats and some domestic cats possess?


Pratting Iron 

 An all-purpose term for any smallish appliance or tool that humans use, i.e. a toaster, lighter, key, screwdriver, bicycle pump or similar. This is not to be confused with the occult instrument that is referred to as a 'pratting iron' and which was the invention of Sir Benjamin Frazzle.



A slang term for catnip. Other terms include 'nip' and 'squurl'.



A little bit. A very small amount. Often connected to food, i.e. 'the skinny mouse only supplied a scroddle of sustenance', 'My person finished the entire meal. There was only a scroddle's worth left on the plate' . Also, 'My 'nip is almost gone. There's scroddle in the bag'. More rarely used with human-like lingo picked up in domestic situations with human companions, as in the phrase 'I give not a scroddles worth of value at it', meaning 'I just don't care'.


Spangle-web, the

Cats frequently refer to the internet as the spangle-web.



A dire insult used by one cat against another. Refers to a cat of little discrimination who is impolite, excessive and generally badly behaved. A feline to be avoided. A poorly mannered and overly-aggressive street cat. One who takes ureasonable risks that involve others.



Any type of pastry or edible delicacy made by humans that takes a cat's fancy.



A slang term for catnip. Other terms include 'nip' and 'roller'



Taboo Beast 

A creature, real or mythological, that is feared but respected by cats for its special and magical attributes.



A thought that crosses the screen of a cat's mind and has been been noted as particularly relevant. A weighty concept. A devious plan.



Pronounced: Toady-fake. The name for a person or animal considered 'fake' or false. Kit-E-Cat for  'superficial', 'not real' or 'having somethng to hide'. An expression carrying disdain for the target.



Turkey, a favourite dish for cats.



The fur between a cat's toes













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