The Beginning Is Very Near!



The Beginning is Nigh - Not the End



Dame Wotta Tripp Answers Your Questions About 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and Perhaps a Little Bit Further On   







Dame Wotta Tripp is well aware of the worries and fears that some peope are experiencing in their anxiety over rumours regarding the 'End Times', 2012, the Rapture. and other related topics.

And she is here to tell you that the beginning is nigh! That's right! Although there will neccessarily be changes, it is going to be much more of a beginning than an ending.

The word is not going to end, but it is scheduled to go through some very special changes, and guess what? So are you!

Will you be alright? Dame Wotta Tripp is sure that nearly all of you can not only handle the truth, but the upcoming changes as well.

Once you have got used to the idea that the world is not now, never has been, and never will be anything like you were taught or ever imagined it to be, you will be able to adjust.


 Traumatic as it may seem, life is eternal and is very much about flowing with the river of change rather than trying to struggle uselessly against a current you cannot in the end resist. An evolutionary change is taking place, and it is affecting many more people than just the inhabitants of our Earth.


What Exactly Is Happening To The World Right Now, Dame Wotta Tripp? 

Dame Wotta Tripp is here to address all your queries about 2012 and beyond. She will be with you through this very dificult time of change, growth and planetary evolution. She has also prepared answers to the questions that her terrified readers ask her most often to help put worried minds at rest and alleviate fear and stress as much as is possible.



Q:  Was 2012 the end of the world?  

A:  Ishfold, my familiar, believes so on occasion, but on this point we agree to disagree. No, it was merely another beginning.  And there are so many!


Q:  What is it the beginning of? 

A:  Very many things. Life as we don't know it. Of course, every beginning means the end of something else and this is because all life is based on cycles. 


Q:  What was all the Mayan calendar stuff about? 

A:  The Maya utilized a solar calendar with a year of 365 days, as we do now. They also used the long count, with cycles of 5,125 years.  


The date of December 21 2012 marked the end of a cycle which lasted from 3114 BCE - 2012 CE.  


If this were all that were occurring it would be unremarkable to the average person, but that is certainly not all that's happening. This day marked an important station in a very special cosmic event. 


Q:  Oh dear, what else is happening around this time? 

A:  Well, it represents the nexus point of a very great change, and in reality this kind of potential evolutionary leap unfolds slowly, speeding up exponentially as we approach the 'finish line'.


We are approaching that line right now. Such times always bring upheavals, both political and geographical, while adjustments take place and the old order frantically tries to keep a grip on the power they correctly perceive is finally beginning to slip from their unpleasant and rather damp grasps. This causes things to become radically worse, just before they start to get better.


It's a little like a healing crisis after the body has lost it's immunity and friendly flora and fauna to a severe, almost deadly disease. The powers-that-be can be perceived as a rogue, out-of-control and devastating virus presently attempting to finish off the planet. It will not succeed. Or it might. That ultimately depends on you, dear readers.


Q:  I've heard that we're entering the photon belt. What on Earth is it? Will it be tight? 

A:  It isn't on Earth. The photon belt does exist, and even if it doesn't, according to those who say they know, we may be moving towards it or away from it and we may also actually be already in it.  


The first person to introduce to the world the excitement of the photon belt concept was Paul Otto Hesse when he postulated a gigantic ring of photons orbiting the Pleiades, thus the belt appellation. The Pleiades are rather a long way off. 


The bulk of the information has been brought to us by channelers, the best of whom are frequently only 15-20% accurate, and that does not take into account the fact that the source of any information received is for various reasons unverifiable while living here in the third dimension. We could actually be entering the bleth no pot


However, they could also be right. 


NASA , who tell a lot of lies and airbrush a lot of their images, only not very well, say that it's all nonsense. We now know no more than we did before getting their opinion, because it may or may not be true. What a wonderland we live in, and what great fun! 


Of course, it is true that photons are made of light rather than particles and as such would generally travel in a straight line, making it unlikely that they could orbit anything. 


But it's also true that light could be bent in this way by the presence of some kind of massive magnetic or gravitational field, making it likely that given the right conditions, they actually could. 


Q:  Some say we will be 'beamed up' or 'raptured'. Could this be true? 

A:  I do not think so, but if it is I shall be very cross, because I'm in the middle of a lot of things over the next several years, having an extremely heavy work-load.  


All the same, common sense dictates that you should have clean underwear on at all times during the next two to three year period.  


We would not want to embarrass ourselves in front of visitors, regardless of whether or not they have temporarily assumed the role of either a hostile force or are instead welcome guests, by representing our planet in a less than spotless or even a slovenly manner. 


Q:  Is there going to be a pole shift? 

A:  Oh yes, and not just on Earth. There will be a pole-shift on all of the planets and on our Sun as well. 


Q:  When will it be?  

A:   Quite soon now. 


Q:  Will it be in my lifetime? 

A:  Unless you are in your late 90's or have recently annoyed someone past the point of no return, possibly. Ingest monatomic elements in case.


Q:  What will happen? 

A:  That depends on several things. When changes as momentous as the one we are about to experience take place, there is necessarily upheaval. There will eventually be Earth changes. What happens to you depends a lot on you


Q:  Why does time seem to be going by more and more quickly? Is it just because I'm getting older? 

A:  No, time has in fact been speeding up. It's quite true that time seems to go by faster as you get older, but in this instance it really has been flowing faster for quite some time. This does not generally affect timepieces as everything on Earth works in a synchronicitous way, at least for the moment. Nevertheless, over the last 50 years we have lost almost 6 hours from our 24 hour day. 


Time is speeding up as we head fairly swiftly towards a nexus point that will bring about a dimensional shift, or expansion, a huge evolutionary leap for the Earth and those who inhabit her that are willing and able to take advantage of it.  


Those who do this will no longer experience the passing of time in the same way, as it is only in the 3rd dimension that time exists as we think we know it. 


Q:  Will I see extraterrestrials? 

A:  Yes, some of you will, because they have had a presence here all along. Throughout the history of mankind on this planet many people living on Earth have had dealings with aliens and extraterrestrials. This has resulted in endless strange but true stories and some very disturbing-looking children, and nobody has coped very well with any of it. It has also resulted in the almost complete control of the human race, and they haven't even noticed, which amuses Dame Wotta Tripp greatly when she isn't tearing her hair out in frustration. It is to laugh, as they say. 


Q:  What will they look like? 

A:  That depends on where they come from, of course. Think of the variety of people, creatures and vegetation that already share this planet. There are trillions of different inhabited planets in billions of different galaxies. It's not rocket science. Diversity is the rule of life. You won't be meeting that many species of course, but you can expect to find out a lot more about a few of your closer neighbours. Expect them to be upright, bipedal humanoids, because this is the 'local' blueprint for sovereign life-forms.


You will enjoy meeting some of them. Others, not so much.


Q:  Are they our friends or are they hostile? 

A:  Many people from other planets and dimensions either visit Earth, watch us or intervene in our lives. Some are our allies and some are most definitely not. We are merely one of seemingly infinite species populating boundless time and space.  


There has been a war going on at an intergalactic level for a very long time, and it partially involves Earth and the people who populate her.  


Those known as reptilians,  as well as grays, are part of the Orion collective, generally making use of us while remaining hostile towards us. They cannot follow where this planet is scheduled to go. Those that remain in the 3rd density may well continue to have dealings with them.  


I don't know if there will be the technology available for me to be able to continue to give excellent advice to those who have decided at a soul-level to remain in 3rd density, and as unfortunate as this is for them, it really can't be helped. Alas, they may ultimately have to do without me.


I feel for them, because consorting with reptilians and others that also don't play well is not exactly most people's cup of tea.


Q:  Will I be 'probed'? 

A:  A few of you will be, even perhaps tonight, however no, most of you will probably not be probed. But I detect an air of flippancy here. For the many unfortunate people who have suffered through such invasive and cosmically illegal procedures it is no laughing matter.  


The sad fact is that probing occurs across the board within many institutions and is carried out by numerous species including our own here on Earth. Places probing takes place in include but are certainly not limited to, prisons, schools, hospitals, garden sheds and spacecraft  


Why is being probed aboard a flying craft any worse than being probed down on the ground? At least it gets you out and meeting new people. 


Q:  Why is everything changing? 

A:  Because the long-awaited time has now arrived. Earth is in the process of moving into the 4th dimension. Isn't that very exciting and invigorating? 


Q:  Where will the bad people, such as politicians, Gary Glitter and members of the Illuminati, go? 

A:  Some of them will go the place appointed for them, in this instance a planet where they can work on alleviating their spiritual retardation in a more closely supervised environment far away from their original prey. This is where they will temporarily incarnate. 


Q:  I'm fairly good. Where will I go? 

A:  You won't 'go' anywhere. You will always be right here in the present with yourself. 


Q:  What about my pets and mother-in-law?

A:  They too are scheduled to pass through these changes, unfortunately even your in-laws, and thus there will be no separation. You are in the wrong section for advice on in-laws. You need to visit Night Letters  instead.



Q:  What can I do to make things better on Earth? 

A:  We lead such ego-based lives. Being more humble is a jolly good thing to aim for. I say aim for, because it's quite difficult to be humble. You have to wait until you feel humble, and that may take some time. The main thing is, practise loving people everywhere.  


For those of you who became momentarily excited upon hearing this, Wotta Tripp is referring to unconditional love rather than the carnal variety.  


Stop judging people - you cannot hope to understand another's path. Trying to is a thankless task,which Dame Wotta herself knows only too well. 


Accept and respect all life, harm nothing deliberately and begin to think in terms of a global family with many multi-cultural benefits rather than segregated countries divided by war and hatred. Wars are started by governments, deliberately, for extremely nefarious reasons, not one of them in any way valid or right.  


Consider this: If everyone took off their uniforms and laid their weapons down, how could those governments any longer succeed in doing evil? Who would suffer from a lack of war? Who would benefit? 


Now that is considered to be a really dangerous and unpatriotic point of view, wherever you live. 


Q:  What am I really? 

A:  You are an immortal spiritual being having a temporary physical experience, and as messy and unpleasant as this can be, requiring detergents, soaps, wipe-up cloths and cleansing appliances, you chose to do this for very good reasons, which are all about soul growth and soul expansion. 


Be expansive and tolerant, accept people with kindness and open-heartedness and treat them as you would wish to be treated. How hard can it be? Do not be a dinosaur, but instead develop a global, even interplanetary consciousness, because you're going to need it, very soon. It's exciting and good. 


Q:  I am irritated by everyone. I don't like people very much, I hate my life and I wish that the planet would blow itself to smithereens so that all this would just STOP! 

A:  You are understandably tired and fed up right now. Change will come regardless and you are here for the duration. 


Q:  Will there be Earth Changes? 

A:  It's a possibility, but they will not be as bad as was once thought. It is unfortunately impossible at this time to schedule such changes to take place exclusively beneath government facilities, Wal-Marts and secret bases around the world. As well, there are continual requests from Earth citizens for cataclysmic changes in places as diverse as Stoke-on-Trent ,  Calgary, Biloxi and Lhasa. This is a very selfish attitude, and it will not be happening. 


Q:  What are time-line edits? Will they mismatch my socks?

A:  Time-line edits occur naturally and are connected to other natural cycles, but they also created by fools using technology that is beyond the scope of their immature and power-hungry personalities. Socks, and other things too, are routinely mismatched or vanish during time-line changes. Irresponsible people using primitive copy-and-paste techniques have caused untold damage. This damage will one day very soon be made public, probably somewhere on this very web site.


Q:  Should I stockpile supplies?

A:  Only as far as you might keep prepared in case of surprise flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes and any other extreme of geological or atmospheric upheaval, with supplies and water for a week or two along with tea-bags, brandy and a good first-aid kit.


Q:  Is there anything else I should do?

A:  Try to see the beauty in all creatures, from the smallest to the largest, and practise gentle and loving kindness to all life.  


Pooky the Lovable Weevil


Seeing beauty in all things may be difficult, but keep in mind that our ideals of beauty are strangely pre-conditioned by society, which is itself a bundle of bigoted and uneducated judgement calls which are based on public exposure to propaganda, mind control and prejudice. How quaint!  


Try this exercise: study the many species of weevils. This little insect is useful, harmless and rather sweet. Learn all about them and learn to like them. 


Now for something more challenging: Locate (if possible) a recent photograph of Keith Richards that is not face-down. Now download it and print it out. Put it up on the wall next to your bed where you can easily see it.  


This is certainly a little bit extreme, but it is better if you learn this lesson quickly, all at once.  Learn to find the beauty in this photograph! Practice night and day! I know it's a stretch but I would not ask of any of my loyal readers what I didn't think they had within them to attempt. It will expand your world if you do it, and help to mature you.  




Look hard at your photograph. Getting on top of this little problem would change anyone's life. Learn tolerance and loving acceptance for all life, however strange it may seem. It will help you sleep, if only to get away.


Q:  Should I continue with all my plans, or just give up and wait to see what happens here on Earth? Should I stop working?

A:  Of course you should continue with your projects and your usual way of life, unless it includes plans for mugging old ladies or other shady agendas. How will you look after yourself if you stop working? 


Q:  How can I find courage in today's uncertain world?

A:  By realising that nothing can ever harm the core 'you', which is eternal, and that you are merely participating in a voluntary 'reality-game' designed to evolve you past who and what you are today. Take heart! Even while being beaten repeatedly over the head with a blunt object, your core-self, the intrinsic you, is intact in another location, safe and sound, so let's see some character and courage for once. 


Q:  Nobody really knows what's going on in the world. Some people think they know about 2012, 2013, 2036, black ops, life after death, Sasquatch, UFOs and stuff like that. Isn't that arrogant? Nobody really knows, do they Dame Wotta?

A:  Of course some people know, don't be so silly! Arrogant? It is one of the fundamental arrogances of human beings to deny knowledge of  things they cannot understand.


It's very easy to say "nobody knows" about that of which you have no personal experience, but to consistently deny others the right to know, those who do have knowledge of such things, is tiresome and self-serving, which is normal right now, among humans. 


The fact remains, and it is a fact, that there are many who walk this planet with knowledge, understanding, experience, multi-dimensional functions and access that would boggle the mind of the average human being, who is frequently semi-permanently boggled anyway.  


Thankfully, you are most of you scheduled for an upgrade, making you not so average any more, taking you to a whole new and amazingly exciting level where things you can only dream of right now become a living reality n your life. But not yet.


Q:  I'm actually feeling a bit happier lately - is this a sign?

A:  It's a sign that you are feeling happier. People can feel happier for a variety of reasons, but at present the planet is being bombarded with new and positive energies, which are slowly but surely upgrading all life on Earth via encoded packets of light downloaded directly to the DNA of all life living here, even as you read this.  


Those who resist this natural process will create friction in their subtle bodies, manifesting as illnesses and emotional upsets, but those who accept and welcome these new and special energies into their being will find a continual increase in their lives of love and forgiveness, happiness, health and creative energy, with a possibility of more chocolate.  


Q:  I have heard that my thoughts are real. Can this be so? 

A:  Yes, indeed they are real, and every thought that you ever have is recorded on the fabric of the universe of which you are a part and very much connected to. Call this fabric the brane, if you will, upon which all rests and by which it is connected to everything else that is. 


Your thoughts are electrical in nature and certainly do have the power to influence your reality. For thousands of years now people have not been able to create wonderful lives with their thoughts as they once did. Trapped inside a frequency fence of negative impulses, enslaved mankind knows far better how to create evil deeds and billions of largely useless plastic objects. 


Around about now would be the time to make the necessary changes to your own thought patterns. Reign in the aggression and take anger management classes if it will help you and those around you. Allow yourself to feel real warmth and love for others. 


At this point you may discover that your thoughts are taking on a new reality, with the things you ask for manifesting quite quickly. This means you must  be very careful what you wish for and keep your mood as positive as possible.  


Do not allow thoughts of revenge and slaying people to keep crossing your mind, however irritating life at work or home may be.


Q:  What about the saying, 'Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die'?

A:  By all means, go ahead and try this time-honoured technique if you wish, but tomorrow you will almost certainly still be here, feeling very, very poorly, and with severe nausea.


Eat, Drink & Get Very Sick. Shop Wotta, A Healthy Choice!






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