Could You Be The Next Godchild?


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Please send an e-mail leaving your first name, a valid email address and including a personal letter in the space provided telling Dame Wotta Tripp exactly why you wish to become her godchild.

When you have finished, go to the 'Submit Your DNA' page, using the handy button at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions and give your DNA sample. That's it!


Apply To Be A Godchild Right Now! 


Submit Your DNA Now! 

If you are accepted there will be a $13 fee charged for the year via paypal. After your payment is received you will be emailed a printable certificate declaring you as a godchild of Dame Wotta Tripp, along with a personal letter from Dame Wotta Tripp describing the benefits you will now be entitled to free for an entire year. If for some reason you are not a suitable candidate, your patment won't be processed.


Godchild Testimonials  

Godchild Fridge Art - They Do Their Best! 





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